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  1. 2 weeks into liver pills amd i feel great. its working great. my routin is as followed 2 in the morining 2 at night. Iam not washing my face a lot. once a day i was face and thats it. alos applying lemon juice to dry and clear redmarks. so far this is working for me
  2. Yes i tried it. just boil water then let the tea sit in a cup for 5 min. use te bags on face afterward DONT WASH FACE AFTER alow the water on your face to dry by itself. It reduced my swelling alot but i had a bad habit of popping zits so it never really to effect cause i was fucking up my face either way
  3. Will proactive cause breakouts ?? has anyone used it and not gotten breakouts ?
  4. Drink Green Tea then use the bags from the ta and put them on your face. will reduce swelling and redness
  5. I post a topic about Duac About 2 weeks ago DUAC sucks dont use it. its Crap get something else
  6. THis post goes out to all the guys with acne! just want some feedback on whats your current confideance level when it comes to women. i find myself to be the same as i was before. when i didnt have acne i was as confideance as it gets and now that i have acne i sometimes doubt myself? does this happen to you guys as well ?
  7. When u sweat a lot your face will get red but in the long run your skin will get better because your cleaning your body when u sweat. just avoid to much sun
  8. DUDE CHILL. Your pillow case dont cause acne its the stress from thinking about u getting acne that causes it just Chill and thing will get better
  9. I dont know if it all in my head but my face looks different. its not red. i find myself going to the bathroom alot and also drinking lots of water. iam not using anything for my face only watm water and soap to wash it and the liver pills. seriously i think its to soon to see results but i dont know. so far so good lets see what happen. Oh today i took a HUGE SHIT i mean it was HUGE it was one of those that u dont want to flush cause u want to take a picture of it, whats awesome is that it didn
  10. Stated taking Liver FLushing PIlls ? lets see what happens
  11. Is it true that the SKIN is the LIVERS back up organ? IF so by flushing your liver/Cleaning it will our facial problems be heal?? Plz answer
  12. Iam facing a problem! Ok i look at pictures with acne i notice that people either have very Oily skin or Dry. Now my skin is Very normal. I mean i so have acne but aside from the red marks the rest of my face is normal. I dont have acne anywhere on my body other then on my Cheek BOnes. i have absolutly NO people on my forehead,Neck,Jawline,Temple back, chest no where just my cheek bones. Now i find that wierd. Like i have stated before i have used all the products in the market and nothing seems
  13. Iam going to take pills anyone ever taken them? What the natural way to flush liver?