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  1. does washing your face make red marks better or worse?
  2. once done accutane, how long did it take for the red marks to completely be gone? also did they get better n worse continuely before they healed?
  3. hey guys, just wondering if theres any cream i can put on my face so that the red marks fade faster? they're fading, just at a ridicously slowwwww pase
  4. go to another derm office and tell them ur situation
  5. so, i've been off accutane for 18 days now and for my whole 6 months on accutane i just washed my face with water. Now that im off accutane, should i start washing my face with more then jus water or keep doin what i was doin while on accutane?
  6. i havent had any hair loss, and just aliitle thinning, should i be worried about more hair thinning? or am i clear of the hair thinning side effecte? i've been on accutane for 4 months now
  7. i'm pretty sure if this was sure, your derm would advise you about it.
  8. SO i've been on accutane for about 3 n a half months, and i was wondering if any one experience days when there acne looked good, then days when it looked inflamed, then good again, then inflamed again. This seems to have been a patern for me for about a month or so
  9. hey guys, which months do you see the best results? or are all moths about equal?
  10. hey guys, just wondering for those who finsihed accutane, which month did you see the most improvment?
  11. okay, so my pimples are almost gone, still have a few left but they seem to be going quickly. But i still have these "red marks" and i was wondering how long they take to leave. also, for anyone who has been on accutane, which month did you see the best tresults?