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  1. Anyone? Has anyone suffered from the same thing, and found ways to combat it? YEsterday I started antibiotics. Not sure what else I can do though.
  2. Awful. Literally couldn't care less if the world ended today. 3 giant red patches of angry skin, 2 around each side of my mouth and 1 between my eyebrows, have persistently been on my face for a week now. Just been put on antibiotics, and i desperately need it to start calming down before I go back to uni next weekend. I can't even make eye contact with my family. So fucking down it's unreal.
  3. I feel like a broken record here. Problem after fucking problem. I've never had this before. I've got 2 giant red c-shaped patches around the sides of my mouth. They look atrocious. Red, itchy, inflamed. Definitely perioral dermatitis. How on earth do I go about treating this?? I'm preferably looking for advice from people who have suffered previously, or anyone who knows anything about this. Please please help me out. I'm a 23 year old guy from England. I don't need this in my l
  4. I feel exactly the same about everything you've said here. I've never felt so down in my life. I'm about ready to give up on everything. It's a fucking cruel, unfair world out there.
  5. Your dad might just be worrying about your health and wanting you to move back home and using your acne as a way to get you to come back? It's probably just the cold if it's near your mouth. Do you fingers and toes ever feel cold for no reason at all? I Have Reynauds disease which causes my skin to split, flake and bleed sometimes. My acne isn't look bad today. It's all lovely, flat hyperpigmentation now, which I can definitely work with for all the party pictures coming up. Now I
  6. This morning I woke up with no major facial concerns, nothing apparent wrong with me. Tonight, I'm going to bed with both sides of my mouth inflamed, red, itchy, and looking f*cking awful. HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS?! How is my skin this fucking intolerant and weak to I don't even know what!!? I've done nothing today that could have possibly triggered this. Now I'm going to look f*cking vile for Christmas. I really can't take this anymore.
  7. Ignorance, and misunderstanding of what it is seem to be big factors for me. Before I used to suffer, I never even used to bat an eye about what it was, why it existed etc. I didn't have a care in the world for my skin. That was 5 years ago, and ever since, I just can't help but look at every single person's skin and compare it with mine, be it better or worse. Also I think the people who don't suffer and see people with problems on their face just don't understand why they have them. I
  8. Cheers for all the suggestions everyone. This daktacort cream seems to have done the trick and it's fading nicely. But of course, as soon as one problem goes, another pops up instantly. Now I have 2 red itchy patches just down below either corner of my mouth. This shit just never ends.
  9. Turns out it is seb derm. Got some daktacort cream prescribed for it. Lovely.
  10. Hey, if you see my thread below, I have a similar sort of problem (although mine is just one giant patch of red right in between my eyebrows and forehead) I went to the doctor this morning who told me it is indeed sebheorric (sp) eczema. He prescribed me some daktacort hydrocortisone cream to try (I'm from England so i don't know i it's available or not where you are, presuming you aren't from England yourself, that is). I've been to doctors copious times now about various skin problems,
  11. Right, okay. Thanks for the info. Im from England so I dunno if that stuff you recommend is easily available to me or not. I'm going to wait to see what the doctor says this time before I waste any more time and money. Thanks for the reply though. Any idea what might have caused the problems I described? Or what causes the condition in general?
  12. Never felt so bad in my life. I have a giant angry red patch of skin that covers the whole area between my eyebrows. Pops up overnight, takes several days, maybe even a week, to even start seeing it return back to normal. This has been going on for months now, and nothing helps. I love locking myself away in my room, having no social life and no motivation for anything...
  13. i guess it has some symptoms similar to it, yes. Although this patch on my face isn't scaley, bumpy, flaky etc. It is literally just flat, and red. I'll go to the doctors (again, for another pointless consultation) next week to see what they say this time. Has anyone had this problem, or a similar problem, before? And what did you use to treat it?
  14. Hi guys, could really do with some help here. Over the last few months, the skin between my eyebrows keeps randomly flaring up, becoming a giant red patch. I'm talking, solid red, very distinct outline / patch-like. It spreads the whole area between my eyebrows and a bit down my nose.Not flaky or anything, just flat, solid, red and itchy. It looks absolutely horrible. I have no idea what's causing it, and even the doctor once said she's not seen something like this only in this place bef
  15. Over the last few weeks my acne has finally been under control. I just struggle with the uneven skin tone and red marks a lot. Last night I have a dream (nightmare, even) that On my forehead I had 4 huge cysts and I was contemplating suicide. I know it was only a dream, but it shows how fucked up my sub-conscious has become as a cause of acne.