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  1. I am finally done. 6 months later!! I recommend Accutane to everyone that has cystic acne. I wish I did this a long time ago to have prevented the scarring. Well, I can't go back into time and change anything, all I can do is move forward. My doctor did say that I have an 80 percent chance of being cured, and a 20 percent chance for acne to come back. Just as a reflection, I didn't have any serious side effects. Just beautiful, not oily skin. Chapped lips, yes! Back pain, yes but tolerable. Tr
  2. Hi Kenny, Long time since I wrote on your page. I am doing good....on Month 3. The doctor increased my dosage to 80mg. I am only 5'5 and weight 120 pounds. No real new side effects under this dosage. I am however, getting bruised easily and I also have read spots on my legs and arms. I attribute this to just bumping into things and the small marks must be just from that. This never happened to me before but it is now. I have very smooth clear skin. I just got one small pimple on my cheeck. Ho
  3. UPDATE So, I didnt get a change to write much since the last month because I have been traveling and on vacation. I am already moving forward with my 3rd month of Accutane. The doctor changed me to 80mg. I thought this was a bit high but i guess it all goes by the culminating dosage at the end of the 5 month treatment. So far my symptoms are only dry lips. Once in a while I will have a pain in my lower back but this can be caused by sleeping the wrong way etc. I did not get any effects from
  4. I am so thankful that there are many of you are giving me such positive an encouraging advice. As I am approaching the end of Month 2, I am only really getting dry lips and it isn't so unbearable. I just have to carry Aquafor with me at all times. I have my next derm appointment on August 2nd and I am going to see how my blood levels are doing. I was away for the weekend and I have to admit that I did drink a bit more then usual. So, I am just hoping that my liver enzymes aren't to low and I
  5. I am a nervous reck now be because my red blood cell count is a bit low. I am wondering if this is from the Accutane or it is beause of another type of condition. Has anyone experienced this?? So far, my side effects are not so bad. I am approaching week 1 on the 60 mg. ( so far, I have been on Accutance for 5 weeks.
  6. Update on Day # 35 So, after one whole week without Accutane (I stopped my last treatment and I couldn't get another prescription for 7 days), I can say that I am glad to be back on track. The doctor prescribed 60mg (2x a day) until the end of the last month (4 more months for me). This goes by very fast but I have no regrets so far. The initial breakout stage is almost done. My symptoms are nothing serious yet. I have just the dry mouth and dry skin on my legs. I will update again very soon.
  7. Accutane is not made by Roche anymore. So, the pharmacy has the generic which is Claraivs and the other ones.
  8. So as another update. I finished my 30 day course and now I am having a hard time getting a new prescription for Accutane. I had all my blood test results etc and when I called the doctor, he said I have to wait another 5 more days so he can go into ipledge to take the test. I am very upset because I feel like waiting a week without Accutane will make me go back to the begining. This is such a mess. I guess whatever the government is looking to regulate is becoming a nightmare. Of course, I am
  9. I am on 30mg of Accutane and I started 26 days ago. To be honest with you, I was also very scared. I started to take Accutane in 2010 but stopped after 3 days because I was freaking out. Now, I am back and convincing myself that all will be well. So far, i have dry lips but not dry like cracked. No one would notice, just that you feel them dry. The Aquafor lip gel helps. I also use Neosporin (white petrolium lip gel). My face isn't so dry. I did get the dreaded initial breakouts and I don't kno
  10. So, today I went to the pool and I felt fine. It is almost one month since I started. I guess on 30mg, I am not as sun sensitive as people made it out to be. My lips are not that dry either. I guess I was expecting them to peel off but nothing like that. As for my initial huge painful cycsts, I had to pop one and it made a big mess with puss everywhere. Now, I hope it won't scar. I'm going for blood work tomorrow. Let's see what happens. I'll keep everyone updated.
  11. Today was not a good day. I have 4 big huge cysts and I don't really even like walking on the street anymore. I am using some sulfer product to try and dry them up but I don't see anything helping. I've been reading other's posts and people are saying the breakouts go away quickly. Well, this isn't the case. I am trying to stay strong but its difficult. I'm crying writing this post. Maybe in a few days I will have better news to write.
  12. Rachel, I just read your blog and we are in a very similar situation. I am on day 22. Are you more sensitive to the sun?
  13. My email is [email protected] you can always write to me as well. How is your last month going? Is your face clear?
  14. Hey, thanks for posting. I wish I can give you better advice but I am in the same situation as you are. Hopefully, these next few months go bu fast so that I can get rid of this horrible cystic acne once and for all. I am a bit encouraged by others who have completed the course. I am on 30 mg dose for the first month. So my side effects aren't so terrible. I just have the dry lips and the 6 huge cysts. But my skin isn't so dry.
  15. Hang in there, Pam! I know it's rough, but you will get through this. We're all here for you if you need some support! Thanks Rachel... I def need the support. I am using the Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer for the daytime. It is SPF 45. During the day, I use Aquaphor lip moisturizer. I also bought this night time lip moisturizer called Neosporin (weird coming from that brand, since I didn't even know they make lip products) and its white petrolium jelly. Very moisturinzing and I love it. I hav