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  1. Tart

    Just Me

    Normal pictures with makeup. YAY!
  2. Tart

    Fruit of the earth aloe vera gel 100%

    I just bought this at walmart this afternoon as well. I actually just washed my face and put some on afterwards. It said it mouisturizes so I thought it would be okay alone, but very drying the first few minutes in my opinion. I'm also wanting to know more about this product...and what other people think.
  3. Tart


    oh great. bp to dry up my face and make me break out more...
  4. Tart


    Well I think I have milia. These tiny little colorless bumps, sometimes they are soft and sometimes they are hard. I am addicted to picking at the hard ones. I know I shouldn't do it, but I want them gone! I've tried exfoliating...besides, exfoliating usually makes me break out since my skin is sooo sensitive. the only thing that gets rid of them is picking which leaves an ugly hole and the soft ones i can do nothing about...
  5. Tart


  6. Tart


    Hi, right now I have a stable routine so far for my acne. I only get a few every now and then. But lots of current milia and these little colorless clogged pores that I'm addicted to tweezing. When I did have pimples though I would get lots of white heads and tweeze the hell out of them. Bad idea So I'm pretty sure I have scars now.... though they arn't caved in or anything. Just red marks that never seem to heal. So I got a few questions. Do I have scars? And what would you reccomend for me t
  7. Tart

    Green Concealer

    What are some good drug store brands of the green concealers?
  8. Tart

    This may sound crazy and stupid

    that's pretty much how everyone covers their acne I would suppose... we just wear powder cus it makes our skin not so shiny... and blush so we look more youthful.
  9. I'm wanting to try mineral makeup. I looked at the bare essenctuals site and I don't think I'm wanting to pay 60 bucks for something I'm so skeptical about... Any cheaper, but still effective versions?
  10. Tart


    I'm going on Doxy for the 2nd time and atcually took my first dose 10 mins ago I am excited. I took it a year ago, it worked for me. But... you know... I took it for a 1 month last time and I do remember being paranoid I guess. I really hated school and had some kind of social anxiety and got angry inside my head at innocent people because they "bugged" me.. and would draw pictures of harming them... Maybe I was just bored that but that is way out of character for me. Then again I think I've a
  11. Hi, I know tanning is very bad in general, especially when you have acne I would be guessing too. My mouisturizer has "SPF 15 with Sunscreen" and my foundation has SPF 15. My mom told me SPF just keeps your from burning. I'm not so sure about that? Even if it actualy a "sunscreen" will I still get a pretty good tan? I have light-medium skin tone and usually have no problem tanning, just asking cause' of all the sunscreen. I'm also eventually going to drop my current mouisturizer for a better o
  12. Tart

    Giving Up!!!

    Well... ordering online isn't a problem but you know how moms are... especially ones that arn't familure with computers. Infact I ordered all my school clothes this year online. I just hate waiting lol. Exfoliation? That's funny because I exfoliate a lot (but not too much) I use the St Ives apricot scrub or something rather... makes my skin smoother afterwards which I like for clean makeup applying but it never really got rid of my milia.... since Im a magazine feine it told me oil of olay had
  13. Tart

    Giving Up!!!

    Just like to say I figured out my old username and password. So I will be posting replys with this name instead Thanks. But I like the ball better, I lost it though so I'm using the stud. I want to try it but my mom is always skepticle about ordering online. I'll ask her though.
  14. Tart

    School Year 2004

    Me on different Meds.