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  1. trouble? lol Mods: close the thread, im gonna have 100000000000000000 shots of everything till i die. ill make it happen. problem solved. wont have any when im dead will i?
  2. so uh why dont you like alcohol? something bad happen to you when you or someone was drunk so you feel repugnance by anyone who drinks?
  3. yes you are right.. sorry, i was pissed cause they made out i was some drunk out of control person.. clearly they mis-understood what i meant. kill you? hmmm lol sure people can reply whatever they want but they just assumed i meant getting drunk and making myself look like a fool.. not what i meant.. i was meaning maybe 1-2 to lighten up and forget about my acne.. not get drunk and be a loud idiot.. im sure no one would like that... lol you just hate alcohol so you say
  4. Wow.. apparently everyone in this thread who replied cannot read ill make it bigger so you all can read I DIDNT SAY I GET DRUNK. I SAID A FEW DRINKS DOES THAT = DRUNK? **moderator edit** so you telling me 3-4 is how much it takes to get drunk? LOOOOOL yeah ok keep thinking that
  5. Yes, Like I had said, it is only a quick fix. lol people thinking im talking about drinking everyday or something? i only meant i will use alcohol to talk to girls easier nothing like becoming an alcoholic. i did have the "dont give a fuck" attitude but like you said it just faded away.
  6. wow you are pretty hot :)

  7. how is it gonna ruin my life if it helps me talk to girls easier then when sober... will make my life better imo 1 question.. how old are you? (just curious)
  8. yea thats why i drink once a week should be enough not to become an alcoholic i am gonna drink few while ghoing to college hopefully they dont notive i had 2-3 cause i just tested how many before i look drunk so ill drink just below so they dont kick me out lol or worse call the cops on me for being like tha tin public haha its sounds stupid but it helps axnietry ALOTY 5 beers to get a buzz? dude drink something like jack daniels or woodstock or a strong whisky and you can get a buzz within
  9. sorry but i just find my ulimtate cure to my social phobiia oproblems i love alcohol!!!111111 makes me not give a fuck about me acne but it does make me talk way to much lolool anyone else drink 3-4 bottles of whisky or beer just to help be more social-able ? sorry for my spelling im drinking when i make this thewad i love acne.org makes me feel less alone! <3 just a qestion does pills prescribed by doctor for aniexty help as good as alcohol.. might get some pills instead of alch
  10. if it was id be covered in acne from head to toe as milk is only thing i drink besides bourbon
  11. glad to have acne? OP needs go to mental hospital.. having acne is not worth it.. so no im not glad i got acne what kind of question is this? -.-
  12. i got both but id prefer on back then face... if you got a gf/bf i dont think they would like seeing you up-close otherwise lol
  13. i dont got it bad but its noticeable and embarrassing.. i got it on my arms back, chest and bit on face. i wear jumpers now cause of it even in summer people think im crazy lol i feel your pain
  14. yes its normal... i took off 50 days in my last year of highschool. and plus more where i took half day off cause i fake sick to get home lol
  15. id kill to have your skin bro... cant see any acne in your picture.... must be going blind :\
  16. its ok im 18 and still a virgin never really had a proper girlfriend either... did have few people like me but i was just too much anxiety... i feel your pain
  17. why would you think about acne if you was clear skin.... i know when i was clear acne didnt exist in my mind. maybe our minds can make acne worse (by stress) but its not the main factor of it...
  18. *Moderator edit - read the board rules.* we can complain as much as we like even if we dont eat healthy. acne is not related to lifestyle or diet. if it was everyone would be getting acne
  19. i dont get it.. they find cures for some cancers (well so i been hearing) and they cant find one for acne? acne is so common but no one bothers finding a cure cause its not life threatening -.- i bet if they tried they could make a cure... why are they so stupid!!!!
  20. unless you are going for a modeling job they wont care on looks... be confident and friendly and they will hire you.
  21. ok ill just make this short.. thousands of pimples on my back, not extremely inflammed just moderate inflammation i got acne on my uppers arms but not as many as my back my face is.. i think its just red marks or my face is inflammed.. with several pimples so what can be done to reduce inflammation and get rid of my acne on my back and upper arms? Please help! here is a picture off google, this is how much i have well very similar http://tinyurl.com/624dfnd
  22. everyone with acne is too busy hiding so thats why you barely see anyone with acne in public.
  23. i would go swimming and do the stuff that i cant do with acne... like going to beach without a shirt would be good... but no acne day wont happen for me anytime soon
  24. No... anyone who says they are happy are kidding themselves no one can possibly be happy with shit skin.. they are denial whoever says they are happy.