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  1. I first noticed them a year ago. I guess they can be considered to be "fresh" because there was PIH in the scarred area.
  2. Don't mean to be offensive, but I've never seen a cyst thats THAT big. Are you sure its even a cyst and not some other disease? I'll think you should get it checked man.
  3. Now I was told long ago that pitted scars would never heal themselves naturally, but today I received a pleasant surprise. Scrutinizing my face in the mirror, I realized some of my scars had completely disappeared no matter what angle I look at it from. I distinctively remember one of them because it was kinda shaped like a horseshoe (lol) on my left cheek, but I can no longer find it. So my question is, is it possible for scars to heal by themselves naturally? If so, does it depend on a per
  4. Just Bought Dan's Regime..Big kit cost me a whooping $164 SGD let's hope and pray for the best :)

    BTW if anyone wants to do shipping together do tell me Singapore Only ok

    1. My mother had acne till she was close to 30. I'm 18 and relatively clear after a year of hard work, but I still get a pimple every now and then (which I assume is due to hormones).
    2. A few of my friends have acne. Maybe 1 or 2 have it worse than me. I've never talked to another person with acne about it. The only person I've shared my thoughts and experiences with is my girlfriend, who has perfect skin, but is very empathetic about it nonetheless.
    3. Pic isn't that clear, but it looks kinda big so maybe its a cyst? If it is, then it'll be hanging around for a long time. Maybe up to a month.
    4. In the future, never pick off scabs. They'll fall off themselves naturally when the skin beneath heals, and tearing it off would only disrupt the healing process, hence leaving the "hole". Like c'est la vigne said, it'll probably get better
    5. Your acne isn't that bad man, and you definitely do not need accutane yet. Find a safer way to control your active acne (e.g. BP, antibiotics) and you'll be fine. My scars were just like yours and they flattened over the course of a year. You seem to be keeping a positive outlook, so keep that up!
    6. Personally, I think that the link between diet and acne is weak, and there is no point embarking on an ridiculously healthy diet. But if it worked for you, then cheers
    7. My parents used put me down constantly by commenting on the size of my pimples or the dryness of my skin when I was on the regimen. But still I'm thankful that they bought me the DKR products without too much skeptism or nagging.
    8. Is your skin too sensitive for BP? If I only had mild acne, I would give that a shot before taking Accutane.
    9. Hey guys, I'm from Singapore too. I bought a big kit from Dan's store a year ago through a mass order on one of the more popular local forums. The total cost ran up to around 120 SGD, so its definitely more expensive, but Dan's BP worked better than any of those i could find in Watsons or Guardian (including oxy and benzac). Plus, they came in much larger quantities so I guess they gave more value for money. If any of you are interested in mass ordering, I could go dig up the old link to the