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  1. It's been a while and I know that this is like, a billion years later, lol. Part of the reason I did this thing without the cleanser was because I couldn't find a cleanser that was gentle enough for me. But now I have, so I just use that. It's Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Liquid Soap. It's the best cleanser I have ever used and it will always be my go-to product. <3
  2. thecathyinthehat

    Most moisturizers sting my face after using BP. This stuff does not sting at all, and my skin's pretty fussy. It doesn't clog pores and the texture is great. With skincare routines and regimens, it's best to have your leave-in products be similar in texture. Cream on cream, liquid on liquid, etc. I find this moisturizer is a sort of gel-like texture like the BP. I hate lotions that I need to rub in because they pick up the BP and move it around after I spent so long carefully trying to gently sm
    High SPF Korean skincare FDA is really hardcore hygienic pump whitening (helps hyper-pigmentation) anti-wrinkle amazing for acne-prone skin between tinted moisturizer and foundation shades tend to be lighter because it's a Korean company. However, of all the BB Cream brands, Missha has the best options for darker skin tones. Some people complain about a white cast because of the sunscreen, but I didn't notice it. (If you don't know about BB Creams, I'll give yo
    Very moisturizing 0.5% salicylic acid, which is really not too much if you're already on the BP and you're a regimen veteran. If you're getting used to the regimen, I don't suggest starting off with this moisturizer. Find a moisturizer that doesn't have an active ingredient unless it's SPF. Benzoyl peroxide AND salicylic acid probably will be overkill if you've got sensitive skin or if you're getting used to the regimen. I do not use the Clean and Clear brand. I use the CVS brand because Cl
    2.5% light consistency HUGE amount of product: compare to other brands! great price the package design. Three words: Helvetica Neue Light. The classiest font in the world, in my opinion. Just have it in large font wrapping around the side in white against the black background. Just a suggestion. xD I LOVE the new consistency. Almost weightless! I followed Dan's website from before he even made these products. He's come so far! The consistency back then was still great, but a littl
  3. I use the Perfect Cover Missha BB Cream and it's awesome, but I don't follow the regimen exactly. I've been using a 0.5% salicylic acid lotion under the BB Cream instead because I don't like the gel consistency of the benzoyl peroxide. It tends to ball up or sort of melt away with sweat. My acne actually isn't too bad and consistent washing with the salicylic acid is effective at fighting acne. It doesn't quite kill the acne like the benzoyl peroxide does, though. So I ordered the BP and I'm goi
  4. thecathyinthehat

    not drying economical different scents to your preference can be used for almost anything none. I've tried Cetaphil, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, ProActiv, and for a while, I gave up on cleansers and soaps completely for my face. I scrubbed with a washcloth with only water and it made my skin more irritated and have scabs from the broken skin. Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil Liquid Soap is the ONLY thing I have ever used to not dry out my skin, make me dry and flaky, or leave residue.
  5. Yup, she's right. It works. I do the same thing as ashley to some degree. I don't use cleanser or bodywash for myself. Except for my underarms, I exfoliate with a wet washcloth and use bodywash to shave. My hair is too oily for no shampoo, so I use that. But for the most part, the body doesn't need as many soaps and creams as you think. It fares off pretty well on just some good ol' scrub-a-dub-dubbin'. Arghhh. My skin's actin' up on me, guys. But it's because I'm not good at consistently takin
  6. I try to change my pillow case once a week, but I'm not very good about that...maybe I'll DIY some more pillow cases up for myself sometime. :3
  7. haha, I guess you're right. I forget that salicylic acid does exfoliate. But I read somewhere that it only really exfoliates your pores? I tried lactic acid and glycolic acid, but that stuff either hurts or smells bad. T.T
  8. Johnson's baby is good stuff. It's basically the same ingredients as the Purpose cleanser and the Clean & Clear sensitive cleanser (the clear-ish yellow bottle). So it most likely won't break you out. Some people even use dandruff shampoo for their bacne. But it's always about experimentation. You never know what can and can't work with your skin until you try it because everyone has different skin.
  9. My face has been looking really good for the first time in a long time. For a while, I gave up taking care of my face before this. I'm a really no-nonsense kind of girl when it comes to daily routines. I've used proactiv, I've tried Dan's regimen using different products. I've tried his benzoyl peroxide gel and I've even taken prescribed medicine. I always found benzoyl peroxide gel to be a bit problematic in that there needs to be moisturizer to fight the drying effects and it's difficult to p