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  1. alternativisita I tried grapeseed oil for a few days and it seemed to break me out. As of yesterday I'm using just water. Interesting note: on SAD I usually have a few back pimples but it's totally clear on a good diet. I once bought Neutrogena grapefruit body wash (salicylic acid) to try to get rid of the tiny bit of bacne (this was like 3 years ago) and I swear it made it worse. I immediately stopped it. I"m going to try this with my face. I've gone just water before but I don't know what
  2. I've been back on my usual diet for 2 weeks and my skin isn't back to the condition it was pre Hawaii yet. I have some inflamed and comedonal acne on my forehead nose and chin which wasn't there before. I'm hoping this goes down soon. I'm also using dead sea warehouse soap just at night. Quetzal which test would you recommend? Also how do I know if I have gut dysbiosis and what do I do to fix it?
  3. Thank you for the words of encouragement cml. I feel like I have no choice but to just keep going for a few months. I'll try posting pics later.
  4. what type of food allergy test did you get? are you sure you're not allergic to the gluten in wheat?
  5. the metabolic typing website isn't working. ??
  6. thanks for the link alternativista! very helpful!! what do you guys think about... 1. the vitamin A/vitamin D/burdock root combo 2. essential oils--lavender, tea tree, rose hip? 3. chia seeds or flax seed meal (for smoothies)? 4. paying for an ALCAT food sensitivity test?
  7. thanks, everyone since getting back on the paleo bandwagon I haven't had any supplements. I have experimented with cutting out nuts/seeds before but it didn't seem to help. I think I will give it another try in a couple of weeks. Alternativista, I happen to have grapeseed oil at home. The date on the cap says 7/5/12 and it's in a clear bottle, but out of the sunlight. I've had it for about a year I think. I use it to remove makeup or sunscreen that won't come off with soap and water.I'v
  8. recently I went 6 weeks on a diet I would describe as paleo plus rice, quinoa, and gluten free bread from TJs. I had minimal fruit and sugar, plenty of eggs, meat, fish, chicken, nuts, veggies. Still, after 6 weeks I was not clear. As for skincare, I was using a zinc and clindmycin cream at night where I break out the most (between cheek and chin is the best way to describe it). I was taking zinc, fish oil, a probiotic, and saw palmetto. I was so frustrated with my lack of clearness that I we
  9. Where did you get that stuff? I have a New Frontiers close by and one local health food store. I looked on the website and it's $47 for the BO/CLO capsules!!! I read Weston Price's book and he mentions bo/clo many many times. If I find any bo/clo capsules I will for sure get them! I couldn't handle swallowing a spoonful of oil (gag) but capsules sound just fine:) keep us updated!!!
  10. my two cents: last year I did paleo for several months and it worked great but I continued to break out on the sides of my mouth (so annoying, right?) then I went on a 2 week vacation to europe, threw out all diet restrictions, and watched what happened. I didn't break out! I started breaking out again once I came home but I still hadn't broken out around my mouth. I thought of all the foods i DIDN'T eat on the europe trip and I narrowed it down to eggs and nuts. I tried eating no eggs and no
  11. Congrats on your skin, I love epiduo too! it never worked QUITE as well for me but it is certainly the best topical I have ever used.
  12. it's been a little over a week (feels like it's been forever!!!) and I haven't seen any improvement yet. to be honest though, my diet has been up and down like crazy and I haven't been exercising reguarly. the only thing I've been good about is getting enough sleep!! I'm going to try to shape up my diet/exercise and see how it goes for the record, I haven't been using any cleansers or topicals, I just use water and at night rub some fresh aloe vera on my trouble spots.
  13. hi heitea, congratas on finding something that works! I too have found that flax seed oil and exercise REALLY helps. I'm just starting a super b complex supplement so hopefully that will help too. I love my natureluxe foundation too!! I use it as concealer as necessary so it has lasted a really long time. It's the best drugstore foundation I've ever used. covergirl tests on animals, though, so I prob won't buy it again. hopefully I will be clear by the time I run out! keep us updated with
  14. I'm going to try this...hopefully it works bought the non flush niacin blah blah blah and super b complex at target. crossing my fingers this will work for me as well as did for you! one question: did this clear up small non inflamed bumps too or only inflamed stuff? even if it doesn't thats fine with me, as I have ways of dealing with the small non inflamed stuff.
  15. no, I'm definitely not skillz'd enough to try to change how my features look I've tried some of the Michelle Phan shading videos and it jsut looks ugly and streaky on me. Since school's out and my skin is doing well I have worn almost no makeup for 3 weeks!
  16. dude, I'm with you here....I had half a shot of coffee a few weeks ago and it totally broke me out! No more caffeine for me. do you find the small amount of caffeine in chocolate breaks you out? I haven't had chocolate since the coffee incident just in case.
  17. ah, dude, PLEASE capitalize and use punctuation!!! It is so hard to read what you type! I did welding last year and while it didn't break me out, I would recommend getting a bandana, folding it in half, and tying it around your head to wear under your helmet.
  18. There is a cleanser made for people with eczema or something that has a pH of 5.5, which apparently is the pH of skin, so it's very gentle. I forget what it's called but I think this would fit great into your regimen
  19. I need to cut down on the EVOO...any ideas for replacing it for salads and such? I'll keep an eye peeled for mac nut oil but I haven't seen it.
  20. thanks for the support, guys. I am staying strong and sticking with this. I've learned how dangerous grocery shopping while hungry is - I was walking around the bakery section DROOLING. What is the best way to get a better omega 3:6 ratio? Preferably without supplementation. I know it's kind of hard to get enough omega 3s purely via diet, so I think the easiet route would be eliminate omega 6. I need to cut down on my almond butter consumption! lol
  21. what did they say?? also, how much was it? I think going to a naturopath would be helpful for me too but my parents think it is complete BS. Lol forget sneaking around to do drugs...I"m sneaking around going to the naturopath