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  1. wenwen02

    My Acne Progress

    I wish my journey to a clear skin would not be hopeless
  2. A few days ago, my right jaw line experienced very burning sensation after I put on the Lac-Hydrin Five moisturizer (in which contains AHA) but I thought it was normal since my skin always experienced redness and burning afterward. Then today I went out and I felt that same area burning. But I thought it was just nothing until I got home and I found a series of red dots on my jaw line and I think it's either skin rash or sunburn due to the AHA. What do you guys think? And is there anyway I can a
  3. You must have used a very large amount of AHA then. I'm currently using a moisturizer that has AHA in it too and it stings my face at first but the redness goes away in an hour or so. But when I first used it, my face was very red for at least a whole week and this is my 3rd week of using AHA and the redness slowly goes away faster now
  4. It's normal to be red and flakey for the first few weeks. I've experienced it too. I tried the exfoliating method by messaging my face with jojoba oil and it helped a lot but it also caused break out so I stopped using it. I think you should keep using BP since this is just a reaction of skin getting used to BP. Do you use a very moisturizing moisturizer to help with your dry skin?
  5. I have Dan's new moisturizer and I'm glad that it didn't break me out but it is really drying even though I use like 4 pumps of it with 6 drops of jojoba oil. So I bought Cetaphil Moisturizer and it broke me out badly because it contains Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-20. I also saw the same combination in CeraVe moisturizer too. I just look at some reviews for Neutrogena Oil-free moisturizer for combination skin and it seems like it doesn't contain Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-20. Is it a goo
  6. I just used the Cetaphil Moisturizer last night and the texture was really thick compared to the Dan's new moisturizer. It took me a long time to just blend it on my skin. It was greasy as heck too! but I have to say it has amazing flake defying power. Now im going to use it for a week to see if it cause any breakout
  7. Does Cetaphil Moisturizer cause breakout? Because I look at the review for Cetaphil Moisturizer and some people say it breaks them out
  8. I have been using Dan's new moisturizer for at least a week now and it seemed to be moisturizing at first but now there are tons of flakes around my chin every time I open my mouth to eat. It is really embarrassing...I try to add more jojoba oil in my moisturizer but it is still not moisturizing enough. And I used to oily skin! now Dan's regimen turns my skin to dry skin. I just wonder if there is any good alternative moisturizer that I can use to replace Dan's new moisturizer? I've heard people
  9. Yeah I also think it's a bacteria invasion because the area around the pimple is inflamed and it causes more pimples surrounding that one pimple. I'm using the 2.5% BP of Dan Acne.org regimen twice per day now. I really hope it will help with the inflamed area.
  10. right now i'm just using 10% benzoy peroxide on the infected area but it doesn't seem like it helps at all. the area is still inflamed and red
  11. I hope the cold weather is the reason why my cheek has so much acnes now. It's not normal to have hard and red lumps like this since I don't think pimples can be this hard Also, I've been taking birth control for 4 days now but it doesn't seem like it's helping my acne at all even though it stops the chin acne.
  12. i also include a picture right here so everyone can see how the demons are still growing on my face
  13. yeah I think it's because of the cold weather. my skin has always been really bad around winter time. I first broke out around my chin area in november and now everything is healed (I still have one or two spots left) but I still have dark spots leaving behind. And now my left cheek is having those red spots which I find really unattractive on me. I have tried aspirin mask and baking soda mask and egg white mask but it seems like new spots are still forming while the red spots on my left cheek a
  14. I have never got acne this bad before. I'm 18 years old female and I've had acne before but it wasn't this severe. Two weeks ago, my left cheek started to have a one small pimple then slowly the area around it became inflamed and now I have like 4 papules surrounding the pimple. They are really hard and hurt to touch. I wish I could do something about it but I can't go to dermatologist since it costs too much. I already try benzoyl peroxide every night on the area but it doesn't go down at all.