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  1. He said he's gonna give me roacctuane. is it any good? I am indeed 16 this year . Rice is my main food along with chicken and fish . I used to eat cereal every morning but not anymore since the last 3 months . I eat bread kind of often too. I've never smoked nor do drugs before .
  2. Hello ! I've had acne since i was 13 (I'm now 16 ) and it got real severe in early 2011 . I went to a derma and my face went smooth ( just had reddish scars left ) until this month . The cysts starts recurring everywhere on my face ! I've managed to take down the cysts on my left side of my face but my right side is horrible . The cysts are exactly on the same spot as i had them last year . Please do advice me on this matter and ask any questions if i left out any information because this is my