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  1. so the cyst that was on my chin is really just a big scab now- my skin is so fragile. the other cyst on my chin is sloughing off skin like no body's business so i actually put neosporin on it tonight. i have a little pimple on my forehead. thats about it.
  2. so today i still have the little pimple under my lip, the dying cyst on my chin ( which has incredibly sensitive peely skin) and now another cyst on the lower left side of my chin. hoping it dies before it comes to fruition. a small pimple on my forehead. other than that- pretty clear! my 'new' cheap makeup is incredibly bad at coverage. but it is comforting to know that i dont need as much coverage anymore
  3. wow, i cant believe i keep forgetting to sign in. that makes me feel horrible. so, I have one pimple under my lip, and a dying cyst on my chin. I think all the chapsticks are maintaining a break out rate around my lips, but i think i will manage. I lost my makeup bag- thats about 300 bucks worth of makeup and makeup tools. the most expensive being my revitalash- which my mom bought for me. so i had to go to walgreens and spend 30 bucks on new stuff. :bla. but for the first time in my life
  4. This has weekly photos of me, starting with day 7 of week 1. I am taking it after i wash my face, and put on moisture, so at this point i think that the shine will just have to be understood as moisturizer unless i mention it.
  5. So not only have i forgotten the last couple days, i also numbered things wrong..whoops. I am in the midldle of a little breakout it seems, I am thinking it has something to do with my period. i have a couple active pimples, mostly small, but the one on the bottom of my chin is a bit more swollen, wit not obvious head, and the skin is super super fragile. my hairdresser said that my hair is still pretty healthy, so that is good. My eyes are really really dry, and only now that i am using
  6. Sorry i missed the last couple days, this was my birthday weekend so i was kinda pre-occupied. I have had one small pimple on my chin that has been annoying. It hurt alot yesterday, but i think that was more about location than size. It is already dying. For the last month i have had a nasty eyelid twitch that started around the same time i got sick. It has gotten worse and worse, moving to both eyes and upper and lower lids. At times they would twitch simultaneously, or for extended periods
  7. today i had to refill my prescrip and i spent to long battling the insurance company that i missed my morning pill. I am mildly dry still, with peeling on the nose, around the mouth, and on the ears. i have some bad dry patches on my arms, chest, and back. i washed my hair today, and it has been flaky all day. yyyuugh.
  8. So i had my one month appt today with my derm. She said that she couldn't hope for better. We agreed that i escaped all of the serious side effects, and also evaded most of the initial breakout. So on ward! now if only i could remember my iPledge id.. gotta get my wallet... today my peeling was minimal. I plan on showering tomorrow morning to scrub down my body, but i am debating washing my hair. Almost curious to see how long i can go without washing it. I am on day two without a wash, and
  9. So i have my first followup appt tomorrow. my mouth still has a few little whiteheads, and lover dermis white heads. but mostly it is just dry. i am beginning to think that some of the fatigue i thought was from my cold, may actually be a side effect. I am super tired, so more tomorrow.
  10. so last night just as i was going to sleep, i went to itch my back and realized i have a rough patch of skin on my upper back, just below my neck. being that it is on my back, i cant tell if i am breaking out or if it is just dry skin. other than that the st.ives seems to not be as awesome as my face cream. meh. we will give it more time. i am washing my hair every two days, and still getting compliments. woot! no active pimples. just some black heads and under layer whiteheads. pics pos
  11. I am really loving my new moisturizer, it also acts as a decent base for makeup ( i have never used primers, but this seems to keep the makeup looking fresh. I am sure having no oil helps there too..) I am a bit peely by the evening, but that was mostly from opening my mouth wide for salad. right now i have one dead pimple on my chin, and one red bump that never came to a head on my nose. I am suspecting that it will come back with a vengeance, instead of going away as we would hope. i s
  12. so i bought new moisturizer today, as well as body lotion and bath wash. i now have loreal dermo expertise for sensitive skin- and it has already made a big difference in my flaky dry face. also, st.ives body lotion for dry/cracking skin. Oil of olay shea butter body wash, and lastly head and shoulders for itchy scalps. i have one pimple right now. super chapped around the mouth, and lips. itch patches all over my body. but nothing as bad as acne. amirite!?
  13. so last night i was up late, when my cookie recipe went horribly wrong. I don't know if it is because i had less flour, but it was HORRIBLE. Anyway, I was so tired, i left my makeup on when i went to bed. I use bare minerals, so the only reason i usually remove it is to remove the oil on my skin. But last night i realized that i hadn't produced any oil, so i went to sleep. This morning, my skin was still just as dry, so i put on a bit of moisturizer over the peely areas and went on my way.
  14. my skin is still dry and peely, I am planning on buying a new moisturizer when i get paid.... actives are beginning to simmer down, and as long as i am really careful how i wash my face, i can keep the dryness from getting out of control the black heads are definitely beginning to clear up. yay!
  15. I missed yesterday! My skin has been breaking out around my mouth, and still on my lower right chin. Also, my skin is pretty dry, especially around my ears-- it is actually cracking and peeling. I am only washing my hair every other day, and that is helping keep it from drying out. the black heads around my nose bridge are beginning to settle down, so good news there. I am feeling like i should switch to a new moisturizer, something a bit longer lasting- any recommendations? My skin gets kin