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  1. Do you think this applies to spray on tans at tanning salons as well? I'm peeling irregularly (with red marks left over :[ ) this week, need the tan next week to get ready for a show.. What do you think?
  2. Right now I'm at where you were. I'm using Palmer's Cocoa Butter and have my fingers crossed. Hopefully this will go well.
  3. I like your forum/blog. Please keep posting
  4. vitamin17

    The Good & The Bad

    Problem: I think I caused severe acne by constantly picking at my face. Solution: ? Trying everything.
  5. Ouch. That must have hurt. I know I at times want to dig and hole and never climb out of it but that's when even no one says a word about my face. Too bad I have a bad reaction to BP and can't do the regime. I feel sorry for the poor guy.