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  1. Thanks Ashley- hearing that you managed to reverse the damage is a great encouragement to me. You said it took a few months though, can I ask around how many? Can I also ask for your advice on the minimal exfoliation you would recommend- would that be manual scrubbing or chemical exfoliation?
  2. The moisturizer I mentioned by La Roche-Posay contains both glycerin and HA but thats a great tip to add in the extra boost of a HA serum. Have just ordered one oFf Amazon. Thanks Tim12!!!
  3. The best case scenario would obviously be to find a decent moisturiser that wouldn't clog the pores up. I believe it will have to have oils in it though to rehydrate the damaged areas. I was using clinique daily scrub and dramatically different oil free when I first noticed these lines appearing. So for now, I'm foresaking any acne concerns for the sake of repairing my damaged barrier. Even though the moisturiser I mentioned states it is non-clogging I don't hold out much hope that this means n
  4. I too have these dehydration lines and am just starting to try and correct them. I've used harsh treatments to treat acne so, over time, with these products and scrubbing/exfoliating I've inadvertantly stripped the moisture and any ability to retain water from my skin and caused these lines to form. Around the bottom sides of my mouth is the worst and has a sort of "crepe-like" appearance. I'm really hoping this can be reversed, but not at the expense of worsening my acne, which I worry the moi
  5. If you'd not said that you can squeeze stuff out of these then I'd have suggested they were maybe a fungal infection rather than closed comedones. You could have a read of the post pinned about this just incase though.. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Small-bum...es-t164964.html I currently have congested areas on the downsides of my mouth/chin area that I'm going to try and correct with mandelic acid. Are you doing manual or chemical exfoliation?
  6. You can get apple cider vinegar from some chemists or a health food shop like Holland & Barrett but it's usually not organic and is filtered. I think thats what you've got already. The best kind is raw-unfiltered with the 'Mother' in it. You can get Bragg's on amazon for about £10- pricey but it is supposed to be the absolute best.
  7. I think you can definitely notice a real difference in the pictures above!! At the minute I'm reading through an e-book on www.stoppickingonme.com. Have you heard of/read it before? It's quite long but the more I'm reading the more I think I'm beginning to understand the compulsions that affect me (I also have a really bad problem with chewing on the insides of my mouth). I can 100% say that my issues are caused by anxiety and things went really downhill after an upsetting break up. So I gue
  8. Hey Alisa How are you getting on with this now? I'm trying too and finding it sooooo difficult!
  9. Thanks!!! The not looking in the mirror thing wil be sooooooo difficult for me i think as I am an obsessive checker of pores etc but gonna try my best. Sick of the cycle of making my acne worse!
  10. Thanks Seashell!! How are you getting on with the whole not picking thing at the minute? Have you tried any anxiety relief things, yoga etc?
  11. what about cell phone use or leaning on your hand with this side of your face during the day?
  12. Well I'm definitely one of the people who would say their skin was previously fine. It was fine for most of the time I was losing the weight too and has only recently flared up in the last 5-6 months. It could just be a coincidence that once I lost weight my skin got worse but I am trying to eat a balanced diet these days to try and correct any damage that years of cutting down on food and specific food groups may have done.
  13. How is this going for you now? I have lost weight over the last 2 years (around 35lb). I had clear skin when I was overweight and now I am 'normal' weight I'm having trouble with acne!! SIGH
  14. No question- perfect/clear skin every time. A few years ago I was overweight but clear skinned and while one of my very good friends was skinny she suffered (still does) from acne on her chin. I used to tell her I'd rather be thin and have acne than be overweight like I was. Two years later I have my wish- I'm normal weight but now have acne. I look back now and think I was so stupid to have thought acne was preferable.
  15. Totally get what you mean- my younger sister has perfect swarthy skin compared to my fair, acne prone skin. To be fair, I am faaaaar smarter than her but I'd gladly swap places!!!