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  1. Glad to see so many people trying this and having success with it. As I said in the original post though, I'm done. I feel it's a bit unfair. Our hormones are a drug like any other, but we never made the decision to use it, it's naturally in us, is made in us, and continues to influence us.
  2. This is the basis of my logic. There's no undeniable proof of it's effect on acne, but common sense is enough to tell you that it's definitely not helping your acne.
  3. very nice job, i find it only to get easier and easier specially once porn is out of the picture day 1 Uh oh, what happened?
  4. Day 17, nearing week 3 The first few days are the hardest, but it's easier to sustain the streak with more momentum.
  5. Day 9: Acne is still there, but I never expected it to heal so quickly anyway. Haven't had a breakout since day 3, which was a real bummer, having acne and not masturbating. Somehow managed to hold it together. Hope anyone reading this can do the same.
  6. Awesome, I hope I make it that far. Day 7, Week 1
  7. That makes me really happy to read. I've been doing the same thing. You shouldn't notice any positive changes for a couple weeks. Similar to when we started masturbating and didn't immediately see acne, when we stop, we won't immediately stop seeing it. It's going to take a bit for your body to fully stabilize, but I think it's completely worth it.
  8. This is fabulous marketing skills. So sinister though. How do you people sleep at night?
  9. I actually haven't had acne for so long, it's because once you identify the cause of your acne, then it's easy sailing from there, you get the proper treatment, etc. And 40 year old? Um I'm 22. maybe if you yourself did a little research you would see my *original* post was quite accurate. It doesn't take a Ph.D to figure this stuff out. From the acne.org website http://www.acne.org/...ation-acne.html We know that humans with high androgen levels tend to experience more severe acne symptoms.
  10. lol good one We don't need to read anything to see common sense. It's a slippery slope. And 2 years? Really? Try 12 years of hormonal imbalance. But by all means, please, don't masturbate for the next year and let us know how it turns out. I'm sorry you've had acne for so long. That definitely sucks. You can't just apply your personal experiences to everyone else though. You may know for a fact that masturbating has no affect on your acne, but it's possible there are many causes of acne. Wh
  11. As someone who has cleared my acne from not masturbating, everyday you do without is a good day, and two weeks is great, keep up the good work. Masturbation believe it or not was my problem and did create my acne, I am not sure what the medical science was behind it, maybe me losing minerals and the chemical stresses that go with it, IDK. Once you get into a no arousal state your mind doesn't even think about that sort of thing anymore, it becomes easier and easier to go on without it. At fir
  12. Yeah, I've found that to be quite true. I'm on day 4 by the way.
  13. These two comments are the exact fucking reason I've had acne the past two years. Neither of you are doctors, nor are the people who wrote whatever you read to think what you do.
  14. I had controlled myself for a couple weeks then fucked up. I'm starting a thread here for a few reasons. First, as support for anyone else attempting to abstain from it. Second, as a log in case it works. Third, as further encouragement not to do it. So... Day 0.