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  1. Thank you so much!!! That information was very helpful!!!!
  2. Thank you Binga! Did you do the TCA and filler with Dr. Griffin? How many subcisuons did you have done ? I just started my reading, but I imagined it would be one visit and he could do all 4-5 boxcars and then healing time? How long did it take to heal? Sorry for all of the questions. This forum is great for reading, but also overwhelming! LOL
  3. Thank you so much for your response. I am not good with technology. I cannotbfind the list of physicians in the FAQ...I see tthe man og questions and answers but not a list or spreadsheet? I included oictures. They look worse in person not sure why I could not capture the severity but I do have an old phone. I have 5 orr boxcars on cheeks and two above lip., Thank you!
  4. Anybody have personal experience with seeing Dr. Griffin with Dermatology Associates of Atlanta for Subcision? He does owe the website, but I really can’t find any info on Realself nor on this site. I have 4 very shalllow boxcars scars on my cheek and two above my lip. I would love to get them addressed. I have done 4 microneesling with no PRP and they have improved tremendously. I plan on doing another treatment with PRP. Thank you
  5. As a fellow acne sufferer (years ago) with acne scars, I felt the need to write this post. I read some of the posts and felt the pain. I will keep this post short and to the point. I have stumbled upon a product that has helped me immensly and wanted to share. I started using Alphy Hdydroxy Souffle 12%. No, I have nothing to do with them. I buy the product at Ulta. I keep the regime simple and wash my face with Cetaphil. I then pile on the Souffle, my skin can handle it, at night. I