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  1. Yellowphaze, as said it is coming back fairly severely. None of my friends have acne as bad as I do, nor have they ever. I don't think it is at all this common to have such persistent acne. I wake up every morning now with a new bump forming, I don't think you can really assume how bad someone's acne is unless you have seen their face. Considering my acne is now worse than mostly everyone else I know, and I have blackheads and whiteheads everywhere, and no other topical things are working, I wo
  2. If I take a second course of accutane right before I move country then it will increase the likelihood as the success rate goes up after a second course. Also, after my first course of accutane I was pimple-free for seven months or so. It's only now that it is coming back badly hence why I'd rather not wait around treading water when I can see every day that it is getting worse.
  3. Hey there, First off, this website has helped me a ton so I am thankful I found it. I had moderate to severe acne and tried everything, and accutane was the first thing that worked for me after some slight persuasion of my dermatologist who was reluctant. I have been pimple-free for seven months until the last couple of months where I have been slowly finding the odd pimple coming up (and not just small ones, quite large ones in weird spots like under my chin and next to my ear). I want to p