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  1. when did you notice it getting worse? When did your IB start? What was your acne like prior to starting Accutane?
  2. Congrats on your completion!!! Exciting! I'm curious about your husbands experience, so I hope you'll keep us upated. What was his skin like prior? Where was his acne located mostly? Still no IB for him? Thanks!
  3. Great photos!! Really helps track progress. Anyway, I'm wondering how your forehead responded. From the photos, it looks like your forehead was relatively calm and just clogged pores. But, seems like Accutane pushed all those clogged pores out. However, it seems like you had a lot of red inflamed breakouts on your forehead. Was that the accutane or were your before photos taken at a "good" time for you? Does that make sense? Im trying to understand how much worse your acne got while on Ac
  4. What anti-inflammatory were you prescribed? Thanks for your updates!
  5. Well done! Great results. Is it fair to say that you had a small IB early and then cleared from then on? Or did you have other breakouts during your course?
  6. Im curious, how does this compare with your acne before starting? Are you still breaking out in the places you did before Accutane? All the best,
  7. Mailbox will always be there! I never did check out your derm. A little too far for me at the moment. Keep your head up, AGAIN!.
  8. Good luck...Maybe some before photos would be useful so you and everyone else following along can have a reference point.
  9. stay positive! Hang in there! This is totally like Mailbox. You will feel like you want to stop or turn around half way up. And it may even get harder the end. But, push on! You will get through it!
  10. Do you have a before photo? Is it really much worse than before you started?
  11. Awesome. Keep up the updates. Photos are helpful, too.
  12. Very valid point! Time will go by. Might as well take action! I like your attitude! One other thing that concerns me is that since we are older and STILL getting acne, is Accutane an actual solution or just something that will work for a few months or couple years. I.e. will it come back for us since we clearly did not 'outgrow' it? I'm curious to hear your thoughts...
  13. Thanks for sharing, Orchid! I know how much it sucks to have acne, especially persistent acne. Good for you for jumping on it! I'm not on Accutane yet. But I've been offered it a couple different times and haven't been totally ready to take it. Probably mostly scared away by the side effects and the IB and other horror stories. At any rate, I'm reaching the end of my rope with acne. I've got it relatively controlled on my face. Mostly I stopped using any BP, SA or other type of topicals.