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  1. Amazing. Perfect! That is exactly what I will do again. Instead of Antibiotic, I may opt in to use Silicone gel instead. or perhaps use Antibiotic, wait until it heals, and then straight to silicone gel.
  2. First of all, I would like to thank you for this thread. It has been extremely helpful. I am coming from this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/369652-bumpsscars-on-nose-inject-apple-cider-vinegar/ I was planning to do it again using ACV. I noticed that you've mentioned peels like gycolic. May I know why? Would peels like gycolic be enough to burn the outer scarred layer of the skin? Have you tested this or know anyone that tested it? My bumps are definitely less visible thanks
  3. I;m not using sunscreen. I'm only out in the sun for 5 minutes. That's at lunch, other time im at the office.
  4. I care about my skin a lot. I used to wash it everyday with (Clarasonic + Good cleanser) with good results. I heard regularly washing your skin keeps it looking young and healthy. However, when I do wash it, I sometimes get break outs. I think it's because when I wash it, my skin starts to produce more oil. Last 2 month, I BARELY ever washed my face. Maybe once every 5 - 6 days. Now my skin is actually SMOOTHER and barely have any acne anymore. I am confused now because now I feel like m
  5. it's like TCA peel except you use a toothpick to inject it deeper into skin for depressed scar. Google "TCA Cross", I was able to find some valuable information that way, not about usage internal, layers, and etc though.
  6. I've done TCA Cross (25%) on my Chicken Pox Scar and i was like WOW! It looked 60% - 70% more filled up and it looked great! however, after about 2 weeks later, it went down to like 10% - 20% improvement, meaning it didn't look as great anymore. So I guess TCA Cross aren't permanent, or at least the way I did it, or I believe 25% isn't high enough for permanent result. I would like to do it again in about 2 weeks, and these are the questions I wanted to ask. 1. Should I do multip
  7. currently in honolulu, hawaii do you know anyone here ?
  8. sorry about that, i dont know why but tinyimage deleted the image. anyway, i reuploaded it and it should be on displayed on my first post. thank you
  9. I have these bumps/dots or whatever you call it all over my nose for about 3 - 4 years now. They were left from acne in my teen years. (pics below). I been trying to get rid of it recently, I went to see a plastic surgeon who said, these are oil build ups, and are hard to get rid of. We tried laser treatments and those did not work at all. I was wondering, if there are ways to remove these bumps ? like with using derma rollers, Copper Peptide serums, acids or etc... or does anyone know
  10. I had a depressed chicken pox scar that has gone through a scar excision on end of December 2010. However, It failed and the scar became wider, bigger and more depressed then before. On February My derma did dermabrasion which made it even more wider but the indent filled up little bit more. 2 days ago my derma used a filler on it(restylane) and it's great so far! The scar is no longer depressed anymore however it is still very discolored(I think it's from the dermabrasion). This is what
  11. I use differin at night and so far I am happy with it. However, I get occasional break out here and there. Those sore and big pimple kind. What product can i use with differin to make these acne dry/go away faster ? (I dont mean at the same time, Differin at night, Active acne product in morning) I used Kate Somerville Eradikate and I'm not too happy with the result. It kinda causes discoloration to me and lots of website suggests that I should not use Sulfer with differin.
  12. I am not that mad, I can see he is trying. He's offering free dermabrasion and fillers and etc... But still i just stopped visiting him cuz nothing he have done seem to have worked so far but he's a good man so i wont hold a grudge beside in my openion and my friends, it dosent even look that bad
  13. its alright, It's still depressed and stuff pink is gone, atleast the color is fixed but it's still a depressed circle. i guess over-all it looks somewhat better then before the surgery if anything i'de say about %20 improvement.