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  1. HI, So I've been off Roaccutane for over a year today. I've had the odd pimple. I mean one or two in a year. and they went after a day or so. My skin is lovely. Roaccutane has changed my life. I had laser eye surgery yesterday and now have 20/20 vision. I can't wear makeup for a week which I wouldn't be able to cope with a few years ago. Nobody seems to come back on when things are going well, only if it flares back up again. I'm here to say Roaccutane changed my life and I would reccomend it to
  2. Hi, I haven't been on here for a while! All of my cysts have gone and have been replaced by horrible red blotches that can barely be covered by make-up. Apparently i'm more than halfway through my treatment. I'm 4500/7200. I honestly have no idea what that means, but it seems i'm having 30mg for longer than 6 months. I guess to decrease the side effects? Even though I'm still getting terrible dry skin blotches and my arms and stuff. I just hope by graduation, my skin looks better. Hope you're al
  3. Well, my names more of an irony... :( I noticed... However it's a positive goal if you do look to the future. My mother had acne at my age, used various treatments and now her skin is beautiful.
  4. Timehealsall: Why are you so pessimistic when you have such an optimistic username?
  5. I really shouldn't have said I had no actives, about 8 appeared this morning. All of the cysts on the right side of my face inflamed and some are coming to a head. I even picked at one. I saw my boyfriend and was like 'OMG, look at my face', he was like 'yeah its okay' I turned to the side and he was like 'When the hell did that happen?' I saw him last night and this was the next morning. One good thing was, he said 'When you've been on these tablets crazy spots like that have appeared and they
  6. Hey why don't we all just give up eating? We won't have to worry about the food that may break us out. We'll just wither and die! Yay!!
  7. Hey, I may be reading this wrong. (It is 2am) but are you still using BP? If you are stop! Your skin won't be able to handle it, especially at 10%. (I also used to have BP 10%, Isotretinoin gel and Tetrasyl 300, these failed to clear my acne fully, so mine is persisitant too) If not, please ignore me! I'm tired! haha. As you're from the UK I use Clinique for my skin and Vaseline, Burts Bee's or Carmex work well for lips. I've seen Cetaphil on a UK website too...Victoria Health I believe it
  8. Oooh yeah! I forgot to add, the stuff I've been using to get rid of my dry skin on arms and neck. (Calmurid) I've used on my face to help get rid of the dry skin. After washing it off (An hour or so later) my skin feels lovely and smooth and cysts seem to shrink! It's working well and helping to stop my make-up from peeling off. Brilliant If anybody else has any hints and tips..feel free to let me know xx
  9. I'm a few days into my fourth month and guess what!! I went outside without make-up on. Yes okay, it was just to my boyfriends house yesterday and I was going to put it on a few hours later there. But it was brave of me! I mean I have heavy metal (Pantera) blasting from my car so people look at me thinking wtf? so they see my face right? Ha! I'm rambling. However! When I said to his little brother 'Oh i'm just going to put my make-up on' he was like 'Why? You've got some on!??? This is the chil
  10. Yeah it was really weird putting it in my nose lol! But it relieves the dryness really quickly, makes breathing a lot less painful. Thanks, mine's finally starting to clear up! Do things look good for you too as far as things clearing up by the end of your course?

  11. Thank you! We simply won't progress in the world with our acne...oh dear! ha ha.
  12. Hey Littleredpoppy! Your month two may look bad now but remember, in a few months you'll be clear! Good luck with your progress. xxxx
  13. I know exactly what you mean. However, would you rather be sitting at home worried about your acne or living your life to the full? Go have some fun with your boyfriend, its a special day for the both of you, he loves you for who you are and nobody else matters. xx
  14. So i'm onto month four. There hasn't been much change really, the redness is pretty annoying. I'd like to say my acne is settling. Some cysts are quite painful to the touch, I have no 'actives', however I still have quite a few cysts under my skin, but they seem to have shrunk. I did my make-up today and looked at my skin in the almost flattering light of a public toilet. (ha! ha!) My hair covers my forehead (scarring) and the sides of my face that have redness and some cysts and from the chin
  15. Hi!

    Yeah its a strange sensation using the lotion for my nose but it stops the nasty dry skin, which is the main thing.

    I hope your skin is improving well :) x