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  1. Eddy, I was aware of that....the Improvement goes away and then comes back. Dr Dansereau uses Ipl to stimulate the colagen growth so you get results ALOT more rapidly. You have to wait at least 2-3 weeks before doing it(ipl). I have an apt for the end of april. I will start THE process over again. Hopefully the end result will look exactly like it did right after INITIAL ARTECOLL INJECTION treatmentS. I am prettty confident it will. For those small scars all over....I would recommend making
  2. Great news Eddy....Im sure with a couple more injections youll be set. I finally had the Artecoll injected! All I can say is wow! It looks amazing. I had two syringes injected plus botox. It wont be enough so in another six weeks we will do 2 more. Most likely I will have six injections total. I am going to put up before and after pics asap. I know its easier when you see pictures. I also asked Dr. Dansereau for other pics of peolpe who had real bad scarring. He said he didnt mind shari
  3. Leopolda, I actually dont start until April 6. I can answer that question better than. I do think it has to do with proper injection. My scars look like somebody pressed two finger nails and indented the sides of my chin. So theres one line on each side of chin and one acroos the front on the fold. (The fold is the hardest to fix..) I dont think you can completely fix it ( scars on folds) but 80 90 would be good enough. My scars were from large cyst. I never had massive acne...I would just get
  4. http://drdansereau.com/anglais/anglais/index1.html Let me know If the link doesnt work. The office is a converted mansion on the water....Its Unreal....It is kind of hard to find so make sure you get good directions.....But, I couldnt find my way out of a paper bag. So I am sure you will have no problem. Take care Arty
  5. Hey, Sorry for not responding in awhile. I have been so freakin busy lately. I am not starting treatment until April 6. Financial reasons on my part. Hopefully, I can answer some questions that were posted. I think the purpose of the botox is too suspend the artecoll beads in place. Reduces the chance of migration and it also promotes collagen growth. I will ask more questions about this on the 6. In fact, I will just have Dr. Dansereau write the info down and I will post it. I think Fillers a
  6. I just want to update and inform evreryone on the board my scar treatment plan. When I first found this board, my skin was gross. Red marks, large pores etc. I have been using peels, cop peptides and mandelic acid for close to a year and my face looks completely different.My skin is now crystal clear and evenly toned!Therefore, I decided it was time to tackle my scars. I have a lose of volume(collagen) around my chin from cystic acne. Mainly three deep line like scars that are in the middle of
  7. Allright guys...I realize were talking different filler her butI got a real interesting email from one of the top derms on canada. He was recommnened to me by Lemperle th einventor of Artecoll. Here it goes! "I inject all patients with Artécoll myself and i have developped a very interesting combination by doing Artecoll first in acne scars like the fundation of a house an fuerther stimulating its fibroplasia ( collagen production ) by IPl light biostimulation. Usually 2 sessions of ARTECOL
  8. Is this the same as New-Fill? I was going to get Radinace but betwen New-fill and this product maybe I should just wait. Why cant we get these products in the States? Frustrating.
  9. I did it read it. I dont have the study anymore, my derm does. Im not sure. This isnt a procedure he does. He said he would help me do it! Pretty cool of him actually. He told me to bring in it and we will give it a shot. Is the Tca form glycolicondemand unbuffered? tHANKS. Arty
  10. I hate to start a new thread on this, but I cant find what i am looking for. What is the best source for 100 Tca. I am going to have a derm perform it, I just need to buy the Tca myself. Is there a difference between buffered onr not. Also can someone post a thread for the amino spray to use afterwards. Again, Sorry for the new thread! ArtyLang
  11. ArtyLang


    A soon as I can afford I am having it done. Hopefully sooner than later. I will let you guys know. Arty
  12. Start with Lactic peels, copper peptides and mandelic serum 10. Shrank pores so much I can no longer see them. Arty Lang
  13. Thanks for the reply, I have a quick question. I guess I dont really understand the process of I solagen once its under the skin. Will you see more improvement in a year.AKA, GRADUAL AND OVER TIME.? Or is this like a normal filler. Immediate results. Thanks. Artylang
  14. Bump: Any new results? I have money invested aswell as scars to be treated. I am dying to see whats going on . Thanks Guys and Gals. Arty
  15. Looks like Pure deming is selling copper peptides now in conjunction with Dr. Pickart. I am amazed at the power of this board. Maya and the other moderators should be getting free products do to the business generated from this place.