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  1. When you were using benzoyl peroxide over the last 10 years, did you wear sunscreen with it? If your skin is very dry but still oily, it sounds like you've damaged your skin and it is dehydrated. Whare are you using to cleanse your face? also, I suggest you use a sunscreen if you do not already, and one that contains ZINC because it has healing properties and will help reduce the yeast / bacteria contributing to your SD and rosacea.
  2. Your situation sounds similar to mine. I didn't normally get whiteheads but I quit smoking 6 weeks ago and ever since then I'v been getting whiteheads on my face. Plus the hot / humid weather is NOT helping me at all. I am also on zoloft (I have body dysmorphic disorder). My backs broken out alot this summer, alot of tiny little clogged pores and bumps, whiteheads, and I get quite afew painful large acne bumps. I also had / have a picking problem. I quit picking for 6 months, but recently star
  3. Stop making stupid topics about ridiculous things. You've made several topics like this, like about a plane ride causing acne, someone kissing your cheek, and about a dentist/eye doctor touching your face. Not EVERYTHING is going to make you break out. So chill.
  4. I have tried both of the LRP products you ahve mentioned, but I found the face wash very drying, and the moisturizer had a perfume smell / made my skin just an oily mess. If it's working for you, thats great, but CeraVe moisturizer is alot cheaper and doesn't contain perfume and has alot of beneficial skin ingredients in it.Also the CeraVe hydrating cleanser can also be helpful, as it is not irritating and VERY gentle, BUT it won't remove your makeup. Those two products may be able to help wit
  5. I get pimples that do this occassionally, I had one near my nose 2 days ago that had 3 little "whiteheads" on the head of it...eventually they all formed into one ugly head. Also, my cysts form like yours do..... they start out as about the size of a pinhead, and then slowly grows....it'll be the same color as my flesh, and then eventually it turns red, and then it just grows and grows. Sometimes my cysts will get whiteheads, other times they wont. It is very rare a cyst will get a whitehead,
  6. So, I recently had a pretty bad breakout and kept poping everything on my face...and now I have quite afew red marks / scabs / wounds.... I purchased "Polysporin - Heal fast formula" which is the CREAM version...but I have been reading about people also using the ointment? I had bought the cream version because it didn't have stuff like vitamin e / cocoa in it...I figured the cream would be LESS pore clogging. should I continue to use the cream version or do I need the ointment? also
  7. I don't think the TTO or SA are going to be much help, just because it is so deep in your skin. I'd personally try the hot compress thing, and see how that goes, if you REALLY want it gone now instead of waiting to see what happens. It'll probably keep getting inflammed if it doesn't come to a head simply because of the pressure. But it'd have to be pretty ready to be "extracted" because if it was poped incorrectly then it'd just make it more inflammed. I was lucky with the one between my eyes
  8. Well I have some experience with cysts. I get them in the same location on my face, my cheekbone (don't know why...just do...very annoying -.-). Anyways, how big is this cyst exactly? like...the size of a pencil eraser or like...the size of a dollar? Mine generally are a little bigger then a pencil eraser. I have one at the moment, and haven't had one for about a year and so...I don't really know what to do with the thing. I used to pick at them or try and pop them but I know that's a really b
  9. Hi there, I NEVER get pustules, but in the last week or so, my skin has gone INSANE. Normally the pimples I get will be an inflammed bump, but it never gets a "head"...it just sinks back into my skin, eventually. I'v had at least 11 pustules in the last few days, which is really weird for me.... I'v even got a cyst on my cheekbone (where I normally get cysts), but I haven't had one there for almost a year. My skin is just inflammed and gross right now, and it's very upsetting. Wha
  10. Last summer from june - september I was taking 100mg minocycline everyday. I am starting to regret not wearing sunscreen during that time because I am starting to see fine lines on my forehead. They're hardly noticable to other people, but I am wondering if these are normal? The lines are wear I would normally "wrinkle" more forehead if I were to raise my eyebrows, but then when I am not, I can see afew very fine lines... Has anyone else NOT put sunscreen on while taking an antibiotic and is
  11. So, I know benzamycin contans alcohol, which is bad for the skin and apparently can cause wrinkles... I have been using this topical for 7 months now, and I am starting to wonder if my obsession of getting rid of mild acne has permanently damaged my skin, and now I am worried about benzamycin causing premature wrinkles... and I don't mean wrinkles caused by dry skin, I mean REAL wrinkles, does anyone know if benzamycin can make your skin wrinkles faster due to the alcohol it contains?
  12. It has effected my mental health, my grades, my relationships or lack their of, and it has made me into a very self destructive person. Countless hours researching acne, acne cures, and other related crap.....buying face washes, creams, perscriptions....gives me anxiety and near mental break downs every single day. And worst of all i'v probably done most of the damage by picking my skin. Popping cysts and small bumps until my skins scabbed and bleeding, and my skin does NOT heal well because
  13. The scars in this picture are darker then they were in reality, but this is just to show I did at one point have much darker scars.
  14. I know Everytime Im like "uhg I wont do it again"....i'v been doing SO good not picking. My boyfriend told me to "just pop it" and we were fighting so I did, then it grew back because I was too gentle poping it.....then that whole scab forming crap happened.... I just don't get why it still hurts...it looks like its inflammed in the picture or like, its still a pimple but...its completely flat and the pink skin is just from the bad inflammation that occured from the whitehead coming back