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  1. does diacneal help with red-dark marks, higher pigmentation areas left after acne? im looking for a retinol cream to heal those marks but coudlnt find any.
  2. do u use diacneal lotion or gel? does it help with higher pigmented marks left from acne?
  3. ive just started taking 25 mg chelated zinc gluconate, brands gnc. ill keep updates of healing or acne. im taking at night before bed, about 2 hours after eating something. lets see if upsets my stomach! i didnt have guts to start with higher doses, afraid it may be toxic. daily needed value is about 11 mg for females. i also take 5 mg in morning in a multivitamin.
  4. I want my red marks and scars heal fastly cos i have skin pickin habbit when im stressed parts of skin looks raw horrible.. i apply la roche posay cicaplast at night for healing scars it has both zinc and copper in it. i remember slightly it helped me in past, dunno if will help now though skin is so exhausted from pickin!
  5. I started taking 25 mg zinc per day. took first pill now! good luck, amen! lol im worried about higher doses cos afraid if boosts abnormal rate of cell production what if leads to cancer god forbid... in multivitamin i take it has 5 mg zinc and 1 mg copper. so i guess 1 mg copper is lost by takin 5 mg zinc. some ppl said cocoa is good source of copper. but dont take copper and zinc at same time they neutralize eachothers absorption! take at different times of day.
  6. update: i heard zinc should be taken before bed with water if stomach can handle it if not with a little meal before bed. multivitamin, if u can cut in in half, take half in morning other half with dinner
  7. zinc gluconate is the one works for acne I read somewhere in forums. I bought chelated Zinc gluconate 25 mg from GNC. I'm trying to read much as I can about zinc supplements cos they say average human needs about 11 mg and above that can be toxic! ''chelated'' is what u should be looking for also, for not antagonising other things or sth like that lol www.answers.com heard it there on zinc video. I also read, u should take it before bed with water if ur stomach can handle it. I wonder if 25 mg
  8. hahah seems like my whole body is a mess! lol my humble advice, if uve acne on cheeks u should tie your hair back, pony tail etc. and change pillow case very often. cheeks leave scars i hate that!
  9. I take multivitamin in the morning, cos gives energy all through the day. if u take multivitamin at night gives u energy and makes it hard to sleep. but u dont take them as multivitamin so dont know really... for vitamin A maybe u should take it at night cos when I was on Accutane -which is known to be kinda vitamin A derivation- doc told me to take it at night. Now I started Zinc 25 mg, but don tknow if should take with dinner or in the morning!
  10. I heard turmeric is magical when u eat it as well, helps clearing liver. liver is very essential for us in curing acne as you all know. yogurt must be helpful in healing process. where I come from people put yogurt on their faces when exposed to so much sun tan! lol i used to make yogurt+vinegar+flour (flour is to make it thick) mask for my scars people said helps.
  11. I admire your knowledge about nutrition and healhty life style. One thing I cant help wondering is, how does your body cope with all the supplements you mention? I hear from various people here on message board taking so many vitamins and things doesnt it harm your kidneys and liver? do u take all of them in same day or do u divide them into days per week. like monday is zinc day tuesday is for fish oil kinda
  12. Diet coke, diet soda, they are treated by body as ACTUAL sugar! body processes them as it does to sugar same response. plus they ve many long term side effects. dont drink them! actually they are worse than sugar many studies revealed.
  13. I wanna follow a no dairy diet as well but I'm afraid of calcium deficiency and especially probiotic yogurt is suggested by many docs as a daily intake
  14. maybe u can eat bitter chocolate with high cocoa in it like %80 etc I'll start takin Zinc its like a hero on acne.org. I read Zinc that is gluconate derived is good for acne, I found out GNC has it. When do u take zinc, after breakfast or dinner? with meal or after? be careful with copper supplements! high doses of copper is linked to cancer.