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  1. i know i haven't been posting, but i've been very busy at my job as a bartender, at which, as i'm sure most of you are aware, looks are very ( however superficially) important. i have become a master of disguise so making it look like i have good skin is no problem (except for the extra hour i have to get up earlier to put my mask on in the morning). but i just wanted to show what (little) progress I seem to be making, and ask this community at large...is this normal? are the monthly blow drawin
  2. so i'm about to graduate from a program called americorps, a domestic peace corps of sorts- in about one months time. being 20, and having suffered since 13, i never thought it could get worse. benzaclin, differin, BC, monocycline, tetracycline, bacterium, proactiv, acne free, burts bees, clean and clear....like literally name anything you want i've tried it and been miserably disappointed. its gotten to the point where i quit my job as a life guard because i was scared of going in the water and