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  1. Sorry I didn't come on sooner, but I've been SWAMPED with homework and studying this week. The regimen seems to be working after only a week. I don't see a BIG change however my cheeks do seem slightly better. My forehead is stubborn and I've barely seen any improvement on it. The only thing I don't like about my regimen is that it DRIES ME OUT more than ever before. My skin is beyond oily, so dry patches usually aren't even a thought for me. Also, after the first 3 days my skin started to bu
  2. Hello I was perscribed this two days ago, and for anyone who has taken it, did it work for you? Also, how long did it take to show results? I'm really hopefull for this anti-biotic. My Regimen: AM: 5% Benzyol Peroxide Wash, Clindamycin (liquid) Aveeno, 1 Doxycyclin 100mg pill PM: 5% Benzyol Peroxide Wash, Epiduo (just a dab) Aveeno, 1 Doxycyclin 100mg pill
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  4. I'm going to try a new regimen perscribed by my new dermatologist, and i can't wait to see how this works out. I'll post new pictures just about every week. Comments are welcomed. Wish me luck! Regimen: Morning: doxycycl pill, Ben Peroxide Wash, Clindamycin, Aveeno (until I find a better moisturizer) Night: doxycycl pill, Ben Peroxide Wash, Epiduo (just a dab), Aveeno My face: OILY !! hormonal acne (15yrs old) EDIT ---------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I've had acne since about the 5th grade and I am now in the 10th grade. I have TERRIBLE acne. About 80% of my face is covered with it. I have no cysts however i do have scars. I dont look in mirrors (especially now because I'm having a bad breakout) because everytime i do I'm tempted to try and pick EVERY SINGLE bump on me face. I can't even call them pimples because the word makes me cringe. The lights in my bathroom are always off because everytime I look in the mirror i want to cry. I'm asham
  6. I appreciate your post (I don't really care about the grammar lol). I tried the egg white mask a couple of minutes ago and for now i like the way my skin feels. Has anyone else tried the tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, and lemons and had success ?
  7. Thanks for the ideas guys! But not very many people really answered my question about if the drink and the pill give the same results. P.S. yes i've tried vitex but unfortunately it doesnt work for me
  8. keep going!! i used tazorac at one point and it actually worked for me. My skin was just about clear and then I messed the entire process up by wearing foundation for a week. I broke out and after that Tazorac completely stopped working (no matter how long i continued using it). Just don't do anything stupid like i did and it should work just fine. p.s. It takes a while. Be patient.
  9. I've decided to try gree tea and maybe peppermint/spearmint tea for my acne, however I HATE the taste of these teas. I'm only 15yrs old so tea isn't really my thing and i'd rather take the capsuls. My acne is most likely hormonal and I wanted to know I can get the same benefits from the tea pills.
  10. I am 15 years old (which probably means i have hormonal acne), i have moderate acne, and oily skin. I've tried tazorac with benaclin and later on epiduo. The thing is THEY WORKED ! However, both times I made the bad decision of wearing a lot of face makeup after i was clear, and i broke back out. After I break out from the makeup, it seems that the medicines just completely stop working on my face (even after using them for months again!) Therefore, I can no longer use either of these medicines.