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  1. My skin is pretty clear c: I haven't blogged in forever D: My thumb hurts. I can't type. Loveee you.
  2. HolyButtons

    Week 6

    Happy Groundhogs day! AND EARLY SPRING WOOOOO. So, my face is pretty clear :3 I have a itsy (so far) little zit on my cheek that I picked at :c and one on my forehead. I stopped taking Doxy this week.. I'm sort of scared to see what will happen. That's basically it, have a great snow day
  3. HolyButtons

    Week 5

    Sooo. You know the whole holy buttons thing? Well I broke out the day after. Garrrr. Then I picked it. Garrrr. Now I have marks. Garrrr. They're almost all gone though. Yayyy. My face is really dry, though, but not *that* peel-y. I vomited (sorry for TMI) because of the Doxy on Monday though. EAT FOOD WITH YOU DOXY IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY. Peace, love, and less acne <3
  4. Hey guys! Just a heads up, I'm going to start blogging by week, instead of by day. My skin is a bit more moisturized, and only dry around the corners of my eyes. I picked a zit, and now I have a third eye (between my eyebrows) type scab D: Going to Neo it up :3 BUT GUESS [email protected]()$)@(*[email protected][email protected]$*)$(@????? My face is 99% clear (other than that little bugger above grr) HOLY POOP. HOLY HOLY POOP. THIS IS IT. HOLY BUTTONS! (if you didn't get that, it's my username, and something I say when I'm
  5. HolyButtons

    Week #1

    Good luck with Accutane! It seems, from your posts, as if it's doing its job all ready Remember to keep moisturized though!Best wishes!-Mia
  6. HolyButtons

    Day 20

    Getting a bunch of little whiteheads. And I want to poppopopop. And I do. So I'm breaking out. Poop. D:
  7. Face is clearer, I put a jello pore strip thingy on it, and it didn't peel, buuuut it left it really smooth. I'm still really dry, but whatever. c:
  8. My face is sooo dry. It's peeling, and looks awful. Pooooop. Life is better now, though. c:
  9. Blah, my face is dry. Forgot to wear retainers the last couple nights so my teeth are like :B Anddd my lips are dry. That is all.
  10. HolyButtons

    Day 13

    Trying so hard not to pick. I did all my little zits, now my face is like BOOM ew. D:
  11. Got a nodule on my forehead, trying to clear that sucker up. Got a bunch of white thingies, but they aren't bad. Blah. I hate people. Bye.
  12. HolyButtons

    Day 9 & 10

    Didn't wear makeup. Aaaaah so awesome :3333 Got my haircut I love ittt. Yay. (: Before i54.tinypic.com/x3u068.jpg After i52.tinypic.com/2itn61t.png
  13. HolyButtons

    Day 8

    Skins a bit dry, but all in all good. Getting a haircut tomorrow.. really excited? Love.
  14. HolyButtons

    Day 7

    Lucky number yayyy. My skin is pretty clear for it only being a week. Still thinking it may be placebo... but if it stays this clear I won't wear makeup anymore. Did you hear that?! NO MAKEUP. I haven't not worn makeup for over 2 years I think. Aaah. Amazing.
  15. HolyButtons

    Day 6

    Very shaky. Not liking it. Less zits, but a few I think are coming. Byeeee.