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  1. Well my skin is back to looking as awful as ever. This is such an emotional roller coaster going back and fourth. I wish it would just finally stay clear. Ugh I did Accutane for nothing cuz my skin is just back to looking the same as it did before i started. Such a dissapointment.
  2. Did you start using a topical? If I were you I would get on a retinoid like now. You need to keep those pores clean ya know. I've been off for like a week and half and am using retin a. Praying to god I stay clear. I'd call your dermatologist and say what the hell and see if there is something they recommend. I would bet they would just write you a script over the phone since you were probably just seem a few weeks ago. I'm so sorry babes, I'll tell you what my plan is if I start to break out ag
  3. I am having the SAME issue!! I was off Accutane for like 2 weeks maybe then I started breaking out with tiny little bumps all over my face again. It really is such a true let down.. Now I am one month post Accutane and it has just gotten worse and worse ever since I stopped.. :/
  4. SO. Dissapointed. I don't even know what to say. Like two weeks after I stopped Accutane the acne just started slowly coming back and now Ive been off it a little over a month and things just aren't good. I have little zits and bumps all over my face once again. This is definitely not what I thought would happen after being on this pain in the ass drug for almost half a year of my life. So down, all I want to do is cry. After looking at all the others girls blogs who are done now and their faces
  5. 5 months and 3 days I don't feel like doing the math and getting the exact day number haha so theres that, but I actually think looking at it by the month number like that is better anyways and easier to see the time period. Okay, well I had my LAST dermatologist appointment yesterday. YESSS, I was soo excited to not have to go home, fill out the online questionare whenever the nurses there put my info in, then go and dropping my presciption off, then going back and getting it within the tim
  6. Hey, and goodluck! Honestly it flyyss by. Haha I remember being where you are like it was just yesterday, now I'm almost at my 5th month then will be off Accutane in less than 2 weeks. It has worked wonders for my skin, which nothing else would help with in the past 5 years or more. I even did lazer treatments, extractions, took 20 pills a day for it and all this crazy stuff from the derm and nothing worked. Accutane has finally given me nicer skin and its great. Don't listen to any of those hor
  7. I'm not sure on the exact day.. but in 3 days I will have been on Accutane for 5 months!! I got my blood work done today. Last one while being on this stuff! I think you have to go get one more done though like a month post Accutane though right? I don't remember for sure.. My last dermatologist appointment is in just a few days now. I am SO excited to get off this stuff, but really nervous. I don't know how well I would handle my acne coming back when I get off... probably go into some deep
  8. Thank you!! Uhmm the lotion I'm guessing, cuz it says Cetaphil "daily advanced ultra hydrating lotion" on the bottle for it haha. Good luck on your course! I hope it goes smoothly for you! Feel free to ask me any other questions you might ever have Well that's good. Things still goin all good now you've been taking it longer? Yeah that'd be good, it helped me to talk about it an everything and get help from others on this stuff. Ugh me too, I can't WAIT for summer to be over. Even though
  9. Yeah I got lucky with the no IB part! Looking back at pictures I think I had a small one, like on my chin mostly. But I'm pretty sure I mentioned that already. But NOTHING compared to many peoples' so I was thankful. I've been on SOO many medicines now for my acne that are supposed to give you a horrible initial breakout but never got one once with any of them.. so I wasn't sure how this would go, but same thing as always with no IB for the most part haha. Yay, good luck with your course!! Okay
  10. Haha thank you so much! I am proud. And so happy with the results Once these red marks go away it will look about flawless, so hopefully they will fade with time.. Well for my face I just use the oil free acne wash from Neutragena, which different dermatologists have all reccomended me to use and I find it works well for me. I've seen a lot of people use Cetaphil for their skin cleanser cuz its nice and gentle, but it would neverr get my makeup off so I can't use that. I use Cetaphil for my mo
  11. Thank you so much! It's crazy how we all started around the same time and are finally getting the real results that we have waited for! I have some red marks too, don't worry they will fade. I plan on going to Walgreens for school supplies, so I will have to pick some up. I did some research and you're not supposed to have any kind of surgery while on tane just because of how slow your skin heals, I guess. I'm on the fence about whether or not I want to make another podiatrist appointment.
  12. That is so exciting he will be done in 46 days!! Then he comes home or what is next? You two seem very close! It is sweet! I am sure hearing his voice would make your day and hearing yours would make his. A little over a month and he will be back! Yay so exciting! Yeah and now its 35! Haha, and he comes home, but only for a week.. :/ Then goes off to training and schooling, then stationed somewhere and eventually deployed... sigh:( Ha we won't be seeing eachother much at all. Yeah we're reall
  13. Well that's good. Things still goin all good now you've been taking it longer? Yeah that'd be good, it helped me to talk about it an everything and get help from others on this stuff. Ugh me too, I can't WAIT for summer to be over. Even though our winters aren't even that cold.. haha but oh well better than this heat! And I looked at the link, I don't want to offend you or anything by saying like you're acne isnt bad or anything, but it really doesnt like nothing too horrible to me at all, s
  14. Betsy: Thanks! I know, me either! Haha im surprised the time is goin by a little faster than i thought it would. Hmm well i only have one box left of pills, but i havent used em yet, just finished my other prescription up. Theyre 30 days worth and he has like 46 days left so yes I guess i will be all done! Haha sorry, i was kinda figuring it all out in my head and typing it out at the same time:b Thats really exctiting though cuz last time he saw me i didnt have clear skin, so Im gonna feel so
  15. Haha quite a lot to read there! And thank you! Yes finally someone who understands this awful weather i have to go through. Hahaha i see all these people complaining about 80-90 degrees, and thats soo nice for us during summer! Haha and no unfortunately they do not go together well at all :/ Good luck on your course!! How is it going so far?