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  1. P.S. Absolutely love your log, always check up on it. Thanks for updating
  2. Hey question here, I run out of my first month of Clavaris on Friday (1/28) but my appointment for blood results/getting the next month supply isn't until Monday (1/31). Will these three days of no accutane effect me? Will I break out?
  3. Okay, thank you! I just didn't know if the salicylic acid would "block the effects" of accutane. Ha, as if anything could stop this drug. Thanks for the advice
  4. Hey, I just started Accutane yesterday and forgot to ask my derm about wearing concealer. I use Almay Clear Complexion Concealer (it has salicylic acid in it). So, can I use that when going through my initial break out phase? Since, my derm said to stop all acne medications while on accutane can I still use it? Thought you could help me out. Thanks!