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  1. Day 42. Hey All. It's been a while. I haven't had a huge pimple in about 2.5 weeks. I have still been getting very small tiny whiteheads or red dots that seem to pop up, look large for about 24 hours, and then they sort of dry off. I still have some flesh colored bumps along my forehead and upper cheeks. My pores are still rather large. In fact, the only thing that's freaking me out is my pores. I have what look like tiny pricks in my skin (not complete ice pick scars, but almost tiny pricks fro
  2. Rach1219

    Day 15

    Day 15...acne is still there! Ha, I wasn't expecting a miracle or anything. So about 5 days after my derm attacked my chin with extracting tools, most of the scabs and little whiteheads had fallen off and my chin smoothed significantly. I got a HUGE cyst by my hairline on my left side, and it left a nasty red mark but thank god it was by my hairline so its not so visible. I have two actives brewing on my forehead, one right above my right eyebrow and one smack in the middle of my eyebrows, cute
  3. Rach1219

    Day 10

    I made it through my first blister pack, yay! Only 17 more packs to go, haha. Anyway, nothing too new to report. I showed the bumps on my chin that had spread very significantly (to about 20-30!) to my dermatologist on Monday. She took two of her extracting tools and literally just attacked my chin. She was able to get a bunch of the whitehead stuff out, but I have about 10-15 little scabby dots on my chin from where she pricked my skin. Two or three of the ones she extracted have turned into s
  4. Rach1219

    Day 5

    Today is Day 5. Absolutely ZERO side effects. I have still been using my Neutrogena acne face wash, and I think I will continue to use it until the end of Week 1 or Week 2 (until I see any excessive dryness). I moisturize my whole body at least once, sometimes twice a day. I have always been obsessed with Vaseline, so that has not been a problem to just coat that on (or Aquaphor) every hour or so. I also moisturize my face two times a day, after I cleanse, with Neutrogena oil free moisturizer, a
  5. TODAY IS DAY 1. AHH! To be honest, I am actually really nervous. I am on 40 mg of Amnesteem, and should be on that dose for 6 months, according to my dermatologist. This medication is so serious, but I am so fed up with acne that I just want it done. I think I'm more nervous about the initial breakout than anything else. I get really bad post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (i.e. bad red, purple, brown marks!!!), and every large pimple I get pretty much leaves a mark that takes 3-6 months to
  6. My official start date for Accutane is now February 6. I was supposed to be starting this Saturday, so to me this is really disappointing because I had so much hope that my struggle with acne would be over sooner than later, but now I have 17 days to wait AGAIN. I've been bumped up to 200 mg of Doxy for the remaining 2.5 weeks. I am going off Finacea in the morning, because it makes my skin so so so itchy. I have been using Glytone Face Wash for 2 months now, but I am switching back to Neutrog
  7. Rach1219


    So, let's just say, I am beyond pissed right now. I finally got a letter from IPledge, I go online to log in, and its say's that my first day on Accutane is going to be February 6. I called my derm, and she wasn't in the office today but the nurse said that they did not register me for Accutane until January 7, when I actually took the pregnancy test and did all that crap on Dec. 22. I was supposed to start this Saturday, and now I may have another THREE WEEKS to wait! I am so frustrated, b
  8. So I am a week away from Accutane. Right now, my skin does not look like I need Accutane. I had a HORRIBLE breakout during my period two weeks ago. I mean, 2 huge nodules smack in the middle of my forehead. One pimple above my lip, 2 white heads on my chin, and the most painful cyst on my cheek. I have never had a pimple be that painful before! Anyway, my skin has miraculously been calm since that breakout. My forehead has cleared up nicely, although the large cyst on my cheek is still not he
  9. I initially started an Accutane log, but I feel like a blog will be easier for me to maintain and keep up with. I am 18 days away from Accutane, and I have never been more excited for anything in my whole life. I believe I suffer from acne dysmoprhia. I look in the mirror and think I have severe acne...the reality is, I am nowhere close to severe acne but what my face looks like now is severe to me. When I treated my mild acne with Evoclin, Tretinoin, and Solodyn four years ago, I have lived
  10. Hey Everyone, My name is Rachel, and I am 22 years old. I officially registered with IPledge today, meaning I should be starting Accutane exactly one month from now! I am pretty terrified, but excited to just get this journey started and done with. A little bit about my acne history: I started to get pimples when I was thirteen. From 13 to 17, I would usually get about one pimple a month. There were always the pus-filled inflamed, red at the base pimples that you could usually pop and they