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  1. i hate that fact that acne still makes me cry.... it sounds silly.... but anger, frustration, hitting a wall over and over again..... years later... all that adds up inside..... at the root, it's not the acne alone...... BUT when it comes back and i experience it again, it makes life a lot harder sometimes. uggghhhhhh. then i remember.... how the hell did i deal with this last time?!?!?! bravery? strength? hope? self-love? <3
  2. this one is like groundhogs day.... hahhaaaaaa. make me nuts! "Have you tried Proactiv?"
  3. definitely...... compassion!!!!... lol..... for the other person and myself (probably why this site has helped me so much when i've been at my lowest with acne) also, realizing that it's not a personal thing..... i don't think there is such a thing as "evil acne".... it's just happens..... like everything else in life. i think it's healing to see others go through the same things we go through in life.... great opportunities to see ourselves
  4. After taking a shower, i noticed a new indented scar on my cheek while looking in the mirror.... no acne was ever there though!!! and that scar was not there this morning.... wtf. acne = surreal
  5. a friend just sent me this link.... and i had to share..... who knew? lol.... http://behindthewall...void-a-tan?lite
  6. delusion yes, acne can suuuuuck..... BUT, it's made me see past the delusion that most of the media and society are drowning in...... our physical appearances!!!! so.... yeah. i don't wear that veil of delusion anymore and i try to see myself and others for who we are inside and not what we look like.
  7. quitting supplements. zenning out & pressing the RESET button in life!!!!...... oh. and remembering things can always be worse.
  8. acne: life lesson #245 *sigh* no. we're not going to die from it.... but, sometimes that's what makes it so frustrating. lol..... there is no clear answer or cure for it. it comes and it goes.... from mild to severe. funny thing is..... it's known to society as a "common" skin disease..... common? really? that's probably the last word i would associate with my life when i'm experiencing a bad break out. it can be really difficult to live with acne..... emotionally. physically. mentally.....
  9. DITTO!!!! just turned 33 and still experiencing acne.... it comes and goes in and out of my life.... kinda like an ex bf..... lol. grrrrrrrrrrrr. try to stay positive! u are definitely not alone <3