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  1. I have a cystic pimple again on a holiday. It never fails!!!! Im sad and angry!
  2. I thought prednsone caused acne..... My doctor prescribed to me for another reason other then acne and im scared shitless to take it.
  3. wynne your right!! Thank you for being you. All this shit started because I had a deviated septum and i had sugery 11 days ago to fix it and now my left eye is messed up. Doc said i have to much swelling and I have to take the prodnsione. He also checked my throid why i ahve no idea. I have had a week for hell
  4. Im on Spiro and I use to take vitamins and my doc didnt say anything.
  5. No just the 3 days. Im so scared... I have read really bad things about prednisone. I dont want to make my acne worse......
  6. Its a long story but my doctor is making me take prednisone at 60 miligrams for 3 days for a medical issue not an acne issue. So my question is will prednsione cause my acne to get worse?
  7. I uped my dose of spiro from 50 mgs to 75 mgs how do bring this up?
  8. Hi Guys, I just wanted to update you all.... So as some of you may remember I uped my dose of spiro and cut milk out of my diet and it is working. I have gone about 3 weeks without a cyst. Well I have a small one on my chin but I always have one in that area. I also discovered that Salicylic acid works better on my pimples. I was using benzoclin and decided on day to stop and switch and 3 days after using salicyic acid some of my smaller pimples that never go away are starting to. So I guess
  9. cortisone cream should help it but it will take for ever to go away. The most important thing is not to try and pop it you will mke it worse. If you want the cyst gone right away go to the derm and ask for a cortisone injection. It will get rid of it with in 48 hrs I promise.
  10. I just wanted to give you all an update on my progress with spiro. When I first started taking it I swear it m ade my skin worse. I know most doc say there is no IB but I had one or mybe my hormones were ust going crazy. Well I got so sick feed up with waking up to another new cyst pimple I decided to up my dose. So now I take 25mg three times a day instead of 50 mgs a day. I know I should follow my doctors orders but I cant say I regret it. I increased my dose about a week ago, I also cut milk
  11. I am at 6 weeks on spiro and I dont think it is working. I have no side effects from it either. I have 3 pimples on my chinn and a cyst near my eye. I was really hoping that spiro was going to be the cure I have been looking for. I will stay with it another month and if it doesnt work Im done. My doctor said it takes 3 months to work fully. But I feel like my skin is getting worse. I am sad, angry, and just want help.
  12. I get them too. U need to go to the derm and get a cortisone injection. Now how to prevent them... If I had that answer I would be RICH!!! and have cured so many people. If u ever figure it out please share it with me. Good Luck ! I have one right now and its driving me CRAZY!
  13. I have been on spiro for abput six weeks and my skin has not gotten any better. I take 5o mg a day. I have no side effects either. Does this mean spiro doesnt work for me or should I give it more time?