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  1. Right. Big improvement on the last post. I took my last accutane pills about a week ago, and am so happy that the journey's over! People say it goes so fast and you don't believe them at first cos it feels like it's never going to end..... but trust me there comes a point where it's just so routine time ends up flying by and you stop concentrating on it as much. My skin is great now. No oil, a tiny bit of dryness but hardly any spots. I have a miniscule one on my lip and before i had some
  2. So f***ing much for accutane being a mircale drug. It's bloody worse!!! The red's still there, blackheads are still there, albeit not as many. Have a few actives which really hurt. Loads of dry patches all over my face and body now. The inside of my nose is so dry and bloody, and i won't even get started on how bad my lips are. I thought by now my skin would actually look OK, my faith is rapidly going down the pan.
  3. onlyjustadream

    Week 7

    Hi there,I'm on my 8th week now, and about 2 weeks ago i developed a rash like thing on the backs on my hands, lots of little red spots, then they all went dry and scabbed over! Not like, really badly, but yeah i had it too and it's completely gone now :)Hope it all goes ok for you!
  4. Uh oh.. just when my skin was started to be pretty much breakout free.. I get a breakout! Friday night drinking and not much sleep combined with not really taking my makeup off properly probably didn't help But anyway i have a horrible big hurty whitehead on the top of my nose, inbetween my eyes, spots near my hairline on both my temples, a couple near my chin and one slowly creeping up on my lip. Still no oil though, hardly and blackheads left... redness is starting to go down i notice
  5. Sh***********t I just picked the spot that was healing nicely on the top of my lip. By pure habit. And now it's bleeding damn it! But other than that....... i've been quite good thank god lol Thought i'd write an entry because the bridge of my nose had loads of blackheads on it about a week ago, then a few days after i felt my nose and could feel loads of tiny little bumps on it, almost like sandpaper, then yesterday i woke up, no blackheads and super smooth! Love it I still have a few
  6. Yayy 2 weeks! 14 to go haha. But, i have next to no oil or shine on my face and i love it ! I've always had a shiny face and have to use blotting sheets or powder. But finally i don't have to worry about that. Just that is a big help cos i can wear makeup without it smearing off. On the downside, I have 2 horrible painful spots emerging on my lips, it hurts to talk! my lips are also very dry so i'm at a bit of a loss with my mouth lol. I have a couple of spots emerging on my chin too
  7. Almost 2 weeks! Where my chin was all scaly before, now it's just dry and annoying, i think it's clearing up though. My skin is just the same, spots are going and new ones are coming. I still have redness everywhere especially around my chin, nose and t-zone though like usual. Does this go, eventually on accutane? Also what about little red marks where spots used to be, do they turn back to normal skin colour? My lips are cracking but it's not painful or anything, i just keep using vase
  8. I keep saying i'm not meaning to post so frequently but every day there's changes and i just feel the need to write them down! Basically yesterday was quite frightening, i was with my friend shopping and all of a sudden i felt quite down, i went home to bed to see if i'd feel better, but i couldn't sleep for feeling really subdued and quite depressed.. i then got up after a bit to get ready for new years eve, and slowly started to feel more myself. But that was quite scary, perhaps that's on
  9. I wasn't going to post so soon butttt the dry lips side effect has worsened drastically. I went out last night and i had 3 drinks (jagerbombs) and it was fine, didn't feel like it'd hit me any more than normal, didn't feel sick or anything so that's a good sign... hopefully i'll be able to have a few tonight too new years eve Anyway, as i was out i could feel my lips had loads of dry skin on them, like flaking off... i thought great stuff! So got out my e45 which didn't really help if i'm ho
  10. I went into town yesterday and got some new products. I got Neutragena invigorating wash and the daily moisturizer, and the e45 lip balm. All seemed like they were working fine last night. I was using 'Simple' moisturizer and face wash before but it didn't seem like it was helping that much. When i was shopping yesterday usually by the end i'm like an oil slick, but there was just a bit of oilyness on my nose and that was it... and this morning i've hardly got any oil either, so i think things m
  11. I wasn't going to post a blog so soon but there's been quite a few side effects today that i'm gonna note down! - My lips aren't chapped or anything but they look a bit paler as if they need rehydrating and if i don't apply carmex for a while they feel quite dry but not flaky or anything just dehydrated. - My nose, t-zone and chin are all really really shiny! i've been really oily today but even when i first washed my face this morning and it wasn't oil, it was almost as if my nose had bee
  12. Hi there! Firstly i'd like to give a bit of an introduction on my acne. I've had acne since i was about 11, as soon as puberty hit - i'm now 19. I was told by doctors around the age of 13 that it'd be gone by the age of 18/19, infact it's got worse. I now suffer from cysts, whiteheads, dry skin, oilyness, blotches, blackheads and pastules. However, i wouldn't class myself as having severe acne, i'd class it as moderate with occasional light acne. But it's only ever light if i'm on antibiotics. I