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  1. it's been over a month and nothing has changed. If anything my skin is worse because it's dried out and doesnt feel soft at all like it used to. What a scam. UGH pissed off!
  2. I am working 12 hours today due to the massive snow storm that has hit us. TIRED! Thats about it.
  3. tewsy_aj


    I am bored.
  4. I actually slept 7 hours last night. I wonder if my sleep effect my acne a lot because it feels a lot less irritated today. I'm sure someone out there knows. My face is super peely today, as it was yesterday. I actually brought my moisterizer to work with me in case I needed it. I suppose that better than bringing a pound of makeup to try to cover up the acne. I only even use mineral make-up now. I am a business student and actually learned a lot about make-up products. Girls, if you have
  5. tewsy_aj


    I might not sleep tonight. I'm nervous and waiting for something. Tomarrow I have a more than usually long day. Including a review at work. I think i need more moisterizer my face is peeling an aweful lot. mer. ....and I have the rubber ducky song stuck in my head.
  6. tewsy_aj


    Mer is a word I made up to use instead of swearwords. Does anyone read this stuff anyways?
  7. There is not a part of me that doesn't know that the number one reason I have acne is STRESS. Stress has kind of taken over my life. For example...yesterday I woke up a 6 am worked all day, then went straight to school till ten pm...got in an arguement...went to bed for 5 hours...woke up at 6 am and now I do it all over again. I do this everyday. Sometimes there is even more going on like spending time on homework and attempting to do things with friends. Then I get no sleep at all. Urgh. The wo
  8. Why dont you just keep it out of the water until they send you new pumps from customer support. I'm sure they will if you just call.
  9. tewsy_aj


    It's been a few days now....not much improvement but what was I hoping for. My face just feels tight and worn out. I havent been sleeping much lately. Between working full-time and going to school full-time there isn't anytime for sleep or myself. I need a nap.
  10. Ok, so it's day one. I just ordered my DKR. Hopefully it will bring me good luck in the new year! I have been struggling with acne since I was 11. I went maybe 2 years without seeing much of it. Now I am 23 and it is coming back to haunt me. I am under extreme stress. Finally settling into a new job and getting zero sleep from Mon-Fri. I want to be extra sexy and lets face it...acne isn't sexy.So in a few days I will start this new routine and see what comes of it. I can only hope it isn't like
  11. I have had this problem before. You should take them consecutively. Finish one pack, and start the other. I am on Tri-sprintec and it works quite well. Good luck.