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  1. I have been using Vita K for scars and bruises, not the one for blotchy skin listed in the link. I don't know which works better but the one for scars and bruises was the only one I could find at the drugstore so I got it. I like it!
  2. But wouldn't they have been almost completely gone in 5 to 6 weeks anyway? I'm just wondering how much of this stuff really works and how much we just think it does. I have had annoying red marks on my face for about 6 months to a year and they have never gone away. Since I started using Vita K they are almost completely gone. I have been using it for almost a month. I found that it works fastest on the newest redmarks (a week or so) but on the red marks that have been there forever it takes
  3. I have been using Vita K for about a week now and I LOVE IT! It is amazing! Yes I do still have scars (its only been a week though) but they are getting fainter and fainter! I can now cover almost all of them with makeup whereas before even concealer didn't help! I recommend this to everyone!! I have been using the lotion for scars and bruises and the chemical peel. everyone get it!
  4. all you use is raw eggs whipped in a bowl? how do you get enough texture to keep it on your face? seems weird to me
  5. Why is everyone saying PAT dry? I have always washed my face then rubbed it. What is wrong with that?
  6. I know zinc is good, but what about Biotin? Also, I am taking a multivitamin with 30 mg of zinc. Is that enough or should I take another zinc vitamin seperately?
  7. gilch004


    How do you know if you have blemishes or scars?
  8. Does anyone know if Vita K for scarring really works? About how long before I see results? Can I use it with my other topical medications such as differin? If so, when do I apply it? Before or after the medications? please let me know!
  9. I have what sounds to be the exact same problem as you. Few actual pimples but TONS of scars after using minocyline. My face is generally smooth all over but these redmards make it look otherwise. I have just started using Vita K lotion for scars and burns. I will let you know if is helps. I am also taking a muli-vitiamin that contains zinc, vitamin c and a and lots of ther stuff.