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  1. You have to see a dermatologist. You mentioned all the healthy things you tried to make your skin better, but it seems nothing worked. So it´s time to go see a dermatologist because, once you tried everything and nothing happened you have to seek for professional help. I had very bad acne from when i was 10 years old up to 20 years old. 10 years dealing with terrible skin. I start it to drink water...but a lot of water to the point of getting sick because, it removed almost all my vitamins from
  2. hey! i hope you can help me with this problem. i already change my picture (not the personal one the one that appears when you add a reply in a post) but it still appears the same one that was before. i want the new one, but it doesn't appear. i hope you can help me!. (i'm an veteran member)
  3. i don´t think you should put on your face lemon juice. it might hurt your skin. did you told your dermatologist if she can inject your nodule? maybe that would help. i don´t really know much about this since i never had nodules
  4. you girlfriend loves you for who you are not for what you have. if she loves you so much she will accept you for who you are. now to all those jerks who make fun of your acne especially your stupid family they should go to hell, and you should tell them that at least you have a girlfriend. having a clear skin doesn´t mean anything. don´t let people put you down, because you do let them they would destroy your life completely. negative comments should be ignored completely. you should hang out
  5. i think you should talk to your dermatologist and tell him/her what is happening. i hope your acne disappears after you take accutane a friend of mine had the same problem. after 6 months, her acne start it to disappear. just be patient.
  6. you should totally take accutane. you are saying that there´s not even a clear space on your skin because everything is covered with acne and acne scars. what are you waiting for? take accutane so you would take you happiness back. stop feeling sorry for you, and take accutane.
  7. baby i feel your pain. i would suggest to visit another dermatologist, and see if they can help you with your scars left from the acne. i think you should fight till the end! never give up! i know hard it is, because i have acne also and sometimes i don´t even want to go outside to face the world. but i will face the world! and show all of the rest of the people that people who have acne are not ugly and are human beings like everybody else!.
  8. you know you shouldn´t even feel ugly because everybody has acne it doesn´t matter if it is one or two pimples or millions!!. if you are beautiful and when i mean beautiful is that when you have perfect nose, beautiful mouth, big eyes it doesn´t matter your skin. i´ve seen tons of men and women who i was just open mouth of how beautiful they were, when someone is very beautiful people do not even look at their acne. but being beautiful is not only having a cute face it also means PERSONALITY
  9. since i start it to have acne since i was 10 years old, till now 19 i have never used makeup. i just don´t feel confortable wearing makeup. i just think that people who wear makeup when they have acne they just look awful it´s the truth. makeup does look good for people who have flawless skin or have very mild acne. i used to have a friend who had severe acne and when she used makeup oh my goodness it was awful, it didn´t even look right. so i like to show to the rest of the world who i´m. i
  10. i don´t think you ever mentioned a dermatologist. ?...why don´t you visit one? you know what is actually happening to you? that you are getting depressed by something that has a solution no matter how hard it can be sometimes, and if you visit a dermatologist he/she will be able to help you and then you will be able to feel good about yourself. if you want to win this battle with acne then do something that would help you to get rid of acne. we can´t just sit in a chair and cry and cry all da
  11. i´ve seen that picture before! and i saw another picture of her with more acne in her cheeks, sometimes makeup can´t cover certain things.
  12. you are right on that sweetheart. she is beautiful! i´ve seen alot of girls who are beautiful and they still have acne. for me is different because for example i´m a girl and i love guys with long hair and i´ve met alot of guys with long hair and with acne but i never really cared if they had acne. and like you said before i never looked at any guy at his skin in a negative way.
  13. you see you need to believe when people tell you that acne and scars everybody has them! have you seen pictures of cameron diaz without makeup? she has alot of pimples on her left cheek! one time when she was in a special event they had to do her makeup again cause she was breaking out more!. it´s more harder for her cause she is a celebrity! victoria beckham has terrible skin also, she has pimples,scars and some white marks on her skin. the thing is that is hard to see it because they have lik
  14. i feel so happy for you! sometimes i get compliments about my acne like oh your face looks amazing i feel happy too! but remember that it doesn´t matter if you have acne i bet you are a beautiful person from the inside and outside!. i´m really happy for you!