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  1. Thanks heitea, luvskincare13 for your kind words luvskincare13 - Dermarolling is an option I have considered however would you have a suggestion for the needle size ?
  2. Hey Everybody, First off, I would like to thank everyone who regularly contribute on this forum. Knowing other people who share their experience has guided me immensely on how to deal with my own situation of acne scars. Like a lot of people, this has led to a severe confidence issue and it is about time I get something done about it although I feel my options are limited given its severity , among other things. Attached are the pics and as you can tell it is pretty severe. Having suff
  3. Hello All. Thanks for all your posts. They are very encouraging. I was reading up and wondering if TCA cross would be any help for my boxcar scars?? Haas anyone tried it before on scars like mine? Also, I will definitely give the dermaroller a try! Thanks!
  4. Hello AStone1. Thanks for your reply. If you dont mind (and this would greatly help me and be appreciated), can you please post your before and after pics. DO you think CO2 laser would help my situation considering that I have boxcar scars. lol. Also, is there any hyperpigmentation after the CO2 laser?
  5. Also, Mary25, what kind of vitamin E cream and vitamin E oil do you use?
  6. Thanks for your reply guys. Again I really appreciate the comments. Just wondering if anyone has had similiar scars like me and were they able to get rid of them after treatment?
  7. Hi All, I have been following some of the posts on this forum and you guys seem to be very helpful. I have had very severe acne for almost 10 years now and although some of it has cleared, they have left TERRIBLE scars. I have attached the pic of my left side where the most scarring is . The weird thing is my right side is pretty clear . I want peoples opinion on what can be done for the scarring .. Is there any hope left for a guy like me.. What procedures should be under taken? Fraxel la