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  1. Been using this product i bought online called Theracream and their Face/Body wash by Aim2health for already 3 weeks first it cleared my SD at my T-zone but face is still feels tight, then after using it for like another a week i notice that my SD got worsen and it spread to my cheeks now up to my jaw area. (the dryness at my t-zone came back again) Taken Yesterday (high resolution) Taken 3 days ago And if i tilt my head sideways, i notice that its shiny. So i immediatley discontinue the p
  2. Ive been using a product called theracream and face/body wash by Aim2health for my self diagnose SD cuz my T-zone becomes really dry after shower then after using this product for 3 weeks theres a red kinda like map appeared on my cheeks as seen on the photo, the redness appears everytime im done washing my face then disappear after 20-30 mins, but the uneven color of the "kinda map texture on my skin" is still visible if i look at it very closely. So is it look like SD or Rosacea? The Picture