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  1. swinghappy
    Soo I think I'm allergic to BP. Who would have thought that I'm in that small percentage of the population that can't handle it. I know that for the first few weeks or so your face is supposed to be itchy, dry, red, and irritated, but when I woke up after only my second application of bp with my face extremely irritated and partially swollen, I figured it was the end of the Regimen for me.

    What are your thoughts? Was your face extremely itchy and painful for the first few nights of using bp (the first two days I only did one application)? Should I try again and risk being swollen again?

    After that morning I just stopped using bp, but have been washing my face gently and using the same gentle cleanser that I purchased. I also have been putting aloe on my face and added jojoba oil to my moisturizer to lessen the redness and heal my skin. Today my skin finally looks a lot less red, but it's still very dry (this is day 5 since I 'started' the regimen and 3 days since I stopped using bp).

    I've read that aloe is also good in helping heal and clear acne so perhaps this will turn into a blog about my journey with aloe vera!
  2. swinghappy
    So it is Christmas Eve but it is also the night before my first full day of the Regimen. I was browsing makeup online, reading reviews on a certain mineral foundation to cover my blemishes when acne.org popped up in one of the results. Interested I looked around and discovered the regimen. I was immediately inspired, having suffered acne since my younger teen years (I'm currently 21), and was curious about was sort of product that was being sold.

    I clicked "Start Here" and up popped the actual Regimen. I quickly got excited and browsed the website further and found I could buy these products at my neighborhood drug store. Within 10 minutes, after reading and writing down all the product recommendations, I was literally at the corner Walgreens and purchased all that I needed.

    I will begin the Regimen tonight. I know it's going to be hard to stay motivated but I've decided to keep this blog to show my hopeful progress from moderate acne to clear skin!

    Like I mentioned above I've had acne for about 10 years but it was generally light. Once I started using anti-acne products, however, my skin became worse. The worst it's been has been the past few months. I'm a senior at my university and was extremely busy, wearing a lot of makeup, stressed, and not getting enough sleep so my acne and scarring went from light to moderate/severe and my face was always red.
    It's calmed down a bit since I'm on break but I know I've got to do something more so Regimen here I come!

    *not sure how to add pictures to this thing, but I will take them and try to share with ya'll