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  1. Cubos


    So hello! I'm actually pretty old school to this site. I was around when it was first created 10 years ago! I happened to be around 16/17 at the time and developed cycstic acne on my cheeks. It actually started with mild acne, but I tried so many different things at that age I royally messed my skin up and then the cysts came. After being really depressed and down I decided to go on ro-accutane. Best decision of my life as it completely cleared my skin up. Main problem since is that
  2. Hey that's awesome, congratulations on your results! I think the important thing with BP is to keep the amount in moderation. I know the general consesus is to keep using more and more but if something is working for you there is no need to up the dosage. Also, goes without saying but drink PLENTY of water!
  3. My first log in for many years! Back for a TCA Peel so will post progress / before & after pics
  4. Where did you go sir?

  5. Happy Birthday!! :)

  6. You dirty STD-ridden whore.

  7. Oh yeah you're a dirty car stereo stealing pikey. my bad :P

  8. I'm sorry do I know you?

  9. Put your shirt on man. People don't want to see your pectorals Robin.

  10. why thank you.

    it's new york, i didn't take it or anything. but you're right, it's nice :)

  11. Nice display picture, what's it from?

  12. Thanks Viva Are there any creams or anything you use afterwards on your legs to ease the irritation?
  13. Heya hun! It's just red bumps, with the occasional spot, but there are hundreds of them! It's rough, i'm not sure what kind of wash to go for as before this i just used shower gel. My friend reccomended witch hazel gel so i'll give that a go. In other news, life's good! I got the job as an art auctioneer in Miami so i'm moving stateside in July! A meet up is definitely on the cards. How you doing m'lady?
  14. Recently I was an idiot and let the girls wax my back. I had minimal hair on there but thought why not. I've never had bacne before, but a week and a half later my back is COVERED in spots, all where the wax strips were. Is it best to just leave it and hope it goes away as i'm not really prone to bacne (well not before this!)? Or should I get some form of scrub. Cheers Robin
  15. Fuck me I'm going for my first consultation and it's going to cost me £175! For a 15 minute consultation! What a piss take. Ah well, the price we pay and all that.