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  1. They can recover. Even really old cases. Just takes dedicated management such as saline shots See the below IG post
  2. Omg, GIRL, I think you may have found the one lol. I've come across this doctor's work recently and I agree he's talented. He has great scar revision experience with ethnic skin, very dark skin (type 6) included. This picture in particular really impressed me: Only a true expert can do seamless scar revision in the darkest of skin types with little to no complications considering how tricky our skin. If he can handle black skin, he can handle any. I definitely approve of this doctor. I'll
  3. Lol at smiling in your sleep! But botox would definitely help and it usually wears off within 3 months, just enough time for your scar to mostly heal. I don't think it should make smiling too difficult as it would just be a small amount in a localized area, but I've never received botox before so take what I say with a grain of salt. This will all be up to your doctor's discretion of course. A good one will know exactly what you need. I would try to restrict moving the mouth too much for a
  4. You're very welcome. I'm enjoying your journey so far. You've made great strides and you're going about this in a really methodical way which is refreshing. And yes, it would be redundant. You have to choose either the gel or silicone sheet. You can't do both, believe me I've tried and that just lowers the efficacy of both of them. The silicone sheet needs absolutely dry, ideally recently cleansed skin to stick its best (just fyi, if you think you need to get a fresh sheet since the previo
  5. Regarding silicone, I recommend silicone tape rather than gel as soon as the sutures come out. A really strong, adhesive one kept on for 24 hrs a day can make even the worst post op incisions heal to a fine white line and prevent hypertrophy. Though my punch procedure was kind of a disaster, silicone really sped up the healing process. My redness cleared up within 4 months though they usually predict 6 or more. I used Aroamas for 3 consistent months and majority of my punches look like nothing
  6. Yeah, definitely don't do it yourself if you're not comfortable, but I think 3-5 sessions of at least 90 (since you have fair skin that can handle it) could do wonders for you. The results are out there, you just might have to travel to find a specialist who is really good at it. I've seen some good ones on instagram. Only then after your scars are lifted would a good co2 resurface make sense for you because then it wouldn't have to travel so deep to smooth any remaining edges out.
  7. I honestly think you would benefit from more tca paint. You have in my opinion quite a few classic box scars that would probably do well with tca carefully painted on them. I know you've seen Benham for cross, but I don't think he's the best in that. It may help to find a different specialist with proven results.
  8. If you're set on excision, find a derm who specializes in Mohs surgery. They know better than a lot of doctors on how certain parts of the face are likely to heal along with having meticulous stitching techniques.
  9. You seem logical and levelheaded so I can't see you making a completely ill informed decision anyway. Most of my knowledge of acne scars comes from bad decisions honestly lol. Hindsight is 20/20. Good luck with your future treatments! Your skin is looking good.
  10. They really aren't deep enough for excision, I'm glad we can agree on that. Punches are lower risk in a way that they won't leave this long line across her face but her scar is too wide for one so excision shouldn't be an option in my opinion. If you know you can't live with a scar potentially getting worse, then just don't do it. That's my new motto. And of course you don't gain commission from excision or other procedures, I wasn't implying that, but the way some of these other posters m
  11. With all due respect Getsmart, I don't think anyone should comment much on a specific procedure or persuade anyone to get it if they haven't received it themselves. No one should be commenting at length about excision or any procedure unless they have personal experience with it. I'm doing my best to educate you all about the risks of excision because I wish someone had sat me down and explained this to me, especially in the context of dark, ethnic skin. Dontgiveup is ethnic herself, so I'm tryi
  12. Before you do something permanent to your skin like surgery, I think you're better off getting some filler injected into it. Perhaps do a thorough subcision on that one box scar and then fill it in. Try that for a year or two and if you like the results, keep at it and consider a semi permanent one. The thing with excision is that you cannot go back. Surgery changes the structure of your skin. At least with acne scars, they are natural scars and can blend into your skin especially if the lightin
  13. It looks great! Thanks for the updates. Is it weird that I'm envious of your scar pattern? It looks so soft and just kind of rolls. You can either keep going with your treatments and fill them in with your natural collagen, or you can be like me, lazy (lol) and go for filler. Unfortunately my scars have defined edges. They're not even that deep, just sharp edges which doesn't respond to filler.
  14. Please be mindful of the risks of increased orange peel texture and fat loss/loose skin with lasers. The horror stories are out there. If you're already insecure about the overall texture, lasers may do more harm than good. Do your research on which doctor you receive laser from. Just some consistent retin a use may do wonders for your skin. This is not even a moderate case of scarring. Best of luck.
  15. Here's the link. I hope treatment goes well for you if you choose to do it