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  1. joeyicecream

    Time To Start The Regimen

    Hi Lilly, The funny part about aha is that it is so powerful that you can not use too much but at the same time the reccommended dose does not cover the whole face. In my opinion aha is a wonder for evening out complexion but only okay in moisturizing. What I would reccommend is what Dan and many of the aha vets on here do is to mix the recommended dose or a little bit less of aha into the moisturizer (you can use less moisturizer if you want). Dan has a blog article about it. Personally
  2. joeyicecream

    Bp Out…Thyme In. New Regimen Log!

    Cool post. Even though I have had tremendous results from the regime ( severe acne to perfect complexion in 8 months) without seeing any negative side effects I am interested in learning new and maybe improved ways of fighting acne. Good luck on your new adventure thereisalwayshope
  3. joeyicecream

    Muscle Building Diet And Acne

    100% whey protein isolate is fine for me. Casien and products high in sugar or corn syrup cause me to break out. Good luck with the accutane mate
  4. It took about 3.5 months to see major improvement and about 6 months where 98% of breakouts completely stopped. at the 8 month mark I had great complexion. The regime is a struggle, it sucks, but everyday I am happy I did it.
  5. joeyicecream

    Question For Those On The Regimen For Awhile

    Hey arachnyd, its good to see that you switched to the acne.org bp. I started off way too fast as well and my skin took some punishment as it was super red than became super dry. Your skin is going to be a bit more irritated because of the bp you were using. I would come down to applying the bp fully to the face once a day and either not applying bp in the morning or just doing a spot treatment ( listen to dan and start slow). You should do this for a week. In the mornings you still need to w
  6. joeyicecream

    Summer, Backpacking And The Regimen

    During the three and a half months i would say that my skin was actually better just because i had no stress from work or anything and i was just lying on the beaches swimming, surfing and lots of fun with fellow travelers every day. Yes i do stand by the theory that the salt water is a magnificiant tool for complexion. The sun is great just be careful not to get too much. I would definitely recommend buying a hat and spending some of the day in the shade. Don't be one of those travelers that th
  7. Hello acneisacurse...... Yes you still need to moisturize but you definitely can use less if you live in a hot humid climate. If you are new to the regime use less but still err on the side of using more than you think. If your skin starts becoming dry in a couple days down the road ( which it probably will) increase back to regular dosage. I don't recommend using sunscreen without moisturizer. Yes even if your skin is not dry still put it on. You really should not be sweating if you are in you
  8. joeyicecream

    Summer, Backpacking And The Regimen

    Hi... I travelled Australia for six months, where two and a half months were spent in the city working where i did not go to the beach that much, therefore i did two applications of the regime daily. The other three and a half months i was traveling up the east coast surfing and at the beach every day so i only did a nightly application. In my opinion your morning routine should be 1. wake up 2. eat breakfast 3. wash ur face 4. dry your face and wait 10 min 5. apply moisturizer than
  9. joeyicecream

    Tips On Suncreens? Help Please!

    I apply olay spf 30 complete defense after using dan's moisturizer
  10. What time of the day do you swim? It would be best if you could do the regime fairly soon after your work out is finished
  11. joeyicecream

    Before And After (Bp Only Nightly)

    Wow you skin looks great I am super happy for you i wish my results had been as quick as yours. Congratulations. Make sure you kill it this new year as you do not have that acne to think about.
  12. joeyicecream

    Starting The Regimen Day 1 Completed

    With all this talk about the peels i am interested in them as well. I am going to do some research on it although my complexion is great right now maybe i am just being. picky. Have your friends and family noticed great improvments in your skin since day one of the regime?
  13. joeyicecream

    Starting The Regimen Day 1 Completed

    Just out of curiosity why did you decide to decrease the dosage of your bp so quickly. It seems like you have been clear for too short amount of time to decrease bp so drastically.
  14. joeyicecream

    26 Year Old Girl Post Bcp Regimen Log

    i have been on the regime for almost two years and no wrinkles or aging. My skin has definitely not been damaged at all by being on the regime for a long time.