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  1. vinegar cure acne,apple cider vinegar are very much helpful for treating acne and other types of skin problems.vinegar contain anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-oxidant properties which helps to cure acne.
  2. Apply some gel or cream which includes 10% benzoyl peroxide in it.Also apply anti-bacterial cleanser or soap daily to cure your back acne.This is the best remedy to treat back acne problem.
  3. I used body lotion as well as body powder.Applying body lotion is act as a moisturizer into the skin that prevents drying.It is a good skin toner and skin cleansers. body powder is used for reducing rash and irritation.
  4. To Avoid adult acne - avoid taking excessive stress,drink lots of water daily,get plenty of sleep and Avoid junk food,smoking,alcohol.
  5. Tretinoin ,benzoyl peroxide is used for preventing whiteheads.It removes the all clogged dark dumps.Tretinoin reduces stickiness of the sloughed cells,it converts closed comedones to opens comedones