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  1. Wow-- You seem to have made progress quickly! Your skin looks great, congrats! Love the blog-- I'll try to check in. I'm doing a similar method and have made good progress (need to update my gallery pics).
  2. I have to agree. Vitamin D is just part of the solution. It's helped me, but I made many other changes before adding Vitamin D.
  3. Yep, that's it. Ive tried bare minerals and another one that is online ( earth minerals? They send u trial packs for free. I cant remember).
  4. The brand is Napoleon. I know minerals are an option, but they are never the right color and don't give enough cover.
  5. I'm so upset right now. I got a pixie haircut. I wasn't sure bc my face is bad, but I decided to do it. I need to stop letting acne control my decisions. Anyway, I got some makeup to help me feel girly. The girl who helped me swore it was the best, wouldn't break me out, and was the only makeup she would put on her skin. I've been using it about 8 days. There are small red bumps by my eyes and all around my mouth. My left side from my mouth to eye is covered in tiny bumps. What is going o
  6. Sounds like a crummy friend. Or maybe you were dressed messy and that's what she/he meant? Anyway, if the comparison between made up/not made up is that stressing for you, I'd say don't wear the makeup. Do something else to make yourself feel good. Get a manicure, put on some fun earrings, do whatever you need to feel gorgeous. We all have a hard time seeing our beauty, but it is there. Surround yourself with good energy and you will see it, too.
  7. You will find many options for diet under the nutrition forums if you are interested in that. Personally, cutting out gluten and dairy has improved my skin immensely (used to be moderate-severe, I currently have 3 pimples on my face) and has also helped me shed some weight. However, I do have to say, Enjoy your wedding!! The day goes by SO quickly and you need to have fun. Your pictures can be edited, you can do an anniversary photo shoot, etc. You will be too busy to take the millions of
  8. If you cut out gluten and notice a change in your skin, it's likely that you are sensitive to it. I cut out gluten and my skin improved dramatically within 2 weeks. If you decide to get tested, however, you need to have eaten gluten prior to testing so any issues will show up.
  9. Good for you!! I think you'll be surprised to find that people don't treat you any differently either way. It also helps to avoid comparing the "ideal/madeup" face to your natural beauty! Enjoy and keep your head high.
  10. Thi happens to me, too!! Maybe the oil rubs onto the pillow? Idk
  11. Both. Make sure you are usig a light moisturizer.
  12. I would not recommend tanning while using topicals. After trying so many topicals, my face no longer tans. My body will tan... but not my face. (I know, it's weird. Anyone else experience this?) If you decide to, definitely find a good SPF. I've been using Badger brand SPF and I'm happy with it.
  13. You might want to checkout the success compilation thread. Sorry, I don't know how to put the link here. Personally, I eliminated one thing every 4 weeks (dairy, soy, gluten). It's taken about 6 months, but possibly could have been faster had I not stressed so much. It's a small time frame in the big scheme of things. Good luck!
  14. Holistics doesn't necessarily imply some unusual method of thinking about the body (chakras, atoms, etc). It means considering the whole body, which is where stress comes into play. You need to find peace of mind-- whether you do that by playing with your dogs, doing martial arts, telling yourself you are amazing everyday, or any other method is up to you. When most people consider nutrion, they ignore the body as a whole-- Which can lead to downfall. I agree with the OP. The less I care abou