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  1. Well it's about a week in and my skin still looks the same if not worse. I can't stop picking at my skin in the mirror and for some reason (maybe its because I am about to get my period) I am breaking out really bad with big painful zits. I keep thinking that if I just squeeze them they will feel better but they always end up really sore and red all night and the next day, even my pillow touching it hurts. So tonight, I washed my face in the dark, popped only the whiteheads, and put on a mask
  2. I am going to begin by telling my story. I have been coming to this site for a few months now always getting inspired and leaving feeling hopeful reading everyone elses stories so I feel like I should tell mine. I have had acne since I hit puberty but for the past six or seven years it has been pretty consistantly clear. I am now 21 (22 in three days) and decided to go off birth control in August. Everything was good until October rolled around, then slowly, week by week, and now day by day,