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  1. OP, may i know the strength of the tretinoin prescribed to you?
  2. I don't know about homeopathy, never tried it before. Maybe you should try your luck asking in other section.
  3. oh god.then i think i am not going to take any drug as it has many side effects.And what if the severe side effect is rare and the rare one is me? i am planning to take some natural way to cure acne. By the way, are you a a male or female?Female will have much more problem with accutane due to pregnancy issue. I personally think that the rare side effect is not a big issue as the doctor will definitely have to check your health before and during you taking the drug(eg your liver). I do ag
  4. There are several side effects, for the severe one are rare, but most people will experience the common one like chapped lips, dry eyes and dry skin. And you cant really say that accutane will definitely cure your acne once and for all, some people have their acne came back after the 1st course, but it will almost certainly clear your acne to a certain extent during the course.
  5. For moderately severe or severe acne, isotretinoin aka accutane might be the best choice out there. And yes you will experience purging at first but most people clear up quite nicely after the outbreak subside. Just be sure not to pop or scratch your skin if you are taking accutane as you will scar more easily, and also to do something that you are interested in to make yourself happier, as you probably will experience mood swing which is one of the side effect. Side effects of accutane are well
  6. Hi, I am very sorry to hear that you guys experience hair loss with B5 supplementing. I took B5(now up to 3 grams a day) for about a month and I don't notice any hair loss, instead my hair grow faster and thicker in short time. I don't know about the KAL brand but I took NOW pantothenic acid. The other ingredients listed are gelatin and magnesium stearate. Hope you find a solution for your hair loss =)
  7. I would say it is moderately severe. People with severe acne tend to have cyst on their face.
  8. Google image severe acne and you will know what is it looks like. From what you describing, it is not severe at all.
  9. Wow, it is really good that your derm prescribe you with 40mg/per kg dosage. I am 50kg male, and I took 10mg/kg years ago, but too bad acne returned after 2 months I done with the course. With that dose you probably have greater success than me
  10. Ok, from what I see those brown barks are more obvious on your nose and a little on the cheek, I am not so sure about them but they look like age spot or freckles to me. Do you use sunscreen? I hope you do as when we age our skin tend to be more susceptible to UV radiation that promote melanin production. Many people find sunscreen too greasy so if you need one, find the one that is watery formulation and non-comedogenic. Blotting paper is just a quick fix, I bought many of those so called oil c
  11. Your complexion is actually quite good, at least you don't have much red marks, I will kill myself for your skin XD I have oily skin too and I find that toner containing alcohol helps me, it is a kind of astringent and good in decreasing sebum temporarily. Some people tend to avoid alcohol containing product as it is quite irritating especially for those with sensitive skin but since you have oily skin, maybe you can give it a try. Or you can just bring along oil blotter to blot away excess oil
  12. First thing, accutane is not a miracle cure, I think you probably understand that even if you clear up your acne in the course there is no guarantee that acne will not return, that is why you see some people need to take the second and third courses again to keep their acne at bay. So How was your accutane experience? My derm prescribed only 10mg of accutane per day for 6 months and my face cleared up completely in the 3rd month. I did experience quite terrible IB at first though. However the d
  13. Thanks! You make some valid points there. And yes compare to those people with chronic disease, I am considering myself lucky enough. But still my acne has bother me so much, for those people with acne for many years, they should understand it. For many years I hope that my acne will go away one day but that day seems never come. I am growing tired of the day keep waiting when my friends around have eventually grow out from their acne. I had a friend that had so much worse acne than mine last ti
  14. I will be able to embrace the public once again and do not give excuses when my friend asking me out, but i wonder when this day will come
  15. This is the question I keep asking myself these days. Are we not taking good care of our skin enough?I clean my face everyday,change tower and pillowcase,use topical cream etc but it is still not enough to keep acne under control. People here probably take care of their skin far more than those people out there with great skin that they don't even need to bother of. And yet we are the one suffering from acne. I know acne is link to genetic thing, and i can't blame anyone for that, but I don't se