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  1. week 8: I think I jinxed myself. My skin was doing so well and then all of a sudden I broke out in a big painful zit on my cheek. It really hurts and i hope it goes away soon.
  2. week 5: no new breakouts. Scars are little lighter. Starting peeling a lot again. My skin refuses to stop being dry.
  3. End of week 4: My skin is doing so much better than when I started. I went to class today without any makeup/concealer for the first time and I didn't have the urge to hide! I still do have some dark PIH spots but overall my skin tone is significantly better and there are less dry spots this week. Yesterday I ate lots of chocolate because I was so happy about my skin and now I have two new pimples on my chin and forehead. Unfortunately Retin-A doesn't seem to prevent sugar induced pimples
  4. Day 18: My skin is finally getting used to the Retin A. Its still very dry but moisturizer seems to get rid of that, and theres no peeling. I am still getting little whiteheads every now and then but they are less frequent now. Skin tone is more even, but still no significant changes in the scars/PIH. Last week, I switched over from using dove soap to a cerave foaming cleaner, but this seems to be just as drying. I guess I'll buy the cetaphil cleanser since it seems to be easier on the skin
  5. day 11: skin is still dry and peeling, however it is no longer as red. Skin is still breaking out in small whiteheads which heal quickly. I've been taking a break every 3rd day so that my skin can recover on the day off.
  6. day 7: Ay old cyst finally came to a head and drained this morning. Yay!! It was bothering me for 2 months I'm so glad the huge bump is gone. Also, while the retin a has been breaking me out in tiny whiteheads, they usually disappear within a day or two and are easy to conceal. Overall my skin tone looks better than last week; I don't think theres any changes in my scars or old PIH yet but its still a little early. My skin is still ridiculously dry and burns for a few seconds after using moistur
  7. day 5: face is really pink today and very dry but peeling is less, initial breakouts are healing nicely.
  8. Day 4: more peeling and itching today, not just on jaw but also cheeks. A few new mini-breakouts at hairline which is an unusual location for me. Otherwise, skin looks more clear and hyper-pigmentation is turning lighter.
  9. Day 3: some more peeling, one new breakout where I had a clogged pore. The cyst on my cheek which I had prior to treatment is a little larger and more red.
  10.     Thanks for the advice, I'll avoid the St. Ives scrub then! Day 2: no new breakouts but also no new changes of existing pimples, more flaking and dry spots in areas of PIH
  11. Day 1: Using retin-a overnight did not irritate my skin as much as expected. Its a little red and one of my old pimples which never healed properly has popped up again. The painful cyst on my left cheek has reduced in size instead of coming to a head and is also starting to flake. I've noticed some flaking around areas where I have red marks and on my nose, but no alarming changes yet.
  12. Hey, so I realize I started this board, however I've noticed both good and bad side effects with urine. A few months ago, I tried using urine alone (without any cleanser) for over a week and noticed some minor whiteheads in areas where I normally don't break out or have any clogged pores. From trial and error, I have found that the best way to use urine therapy is while showering; wash your face with a good cleanser, then massage fresh urine into your problem areas and rinse off with cold w
  13. So....after trying lots of "natural" treatments for acne including turmeric, witch hazel, green tea, egg yolk, mud masks and even hundreds OTC products since I was 14 (now Im 21), my acne still has not improved as much as i would have hoped. As of today, I have given up on all these treatments and will start Retin-A 0.05%. I'm going to post my daily results and maybe some pictures if i notice any significant changes. Hopefully, posting on a discussion board will motivate me to not give up on thi
  14. No, morning urine is the best. the midday and night urines contan excess nutrients that you dont really need to recycle, its only the morning that is most valuable. In my opinion, morning urine doiesnt taste bad after you get used to it. try drinking a few drops every day and get used to it and then drink some more when you're ready. By the way, have you tried aged urine? I've heard that the results are like 10 timess more amazing than fresh urine, especially for scars, but i'm nervous to imp
  15. Ok then, can you explain to me how I got rid of my sickness overnight without medication by drinking urine? Can you explaon to me how I dont get menstrual cramps anymore after ingesting urine? Can you explain to me how I magically wake up at 7:00 every morning bright and excited as if a mental alarm has been set up when previously I had to literally put soap in my eyes to get myself awake and unsluggish? Can you explain how I have so much more energy than before and I rarely feel lazy or constan