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    * its not too harsh on the skin *does not require harsh scrubbing *does not irritate my sensitive skin *if used daily does remove pimmples, to light acne *may dry out skin if not used with a oil free moisturiser it is a product ive been using for a couple of month and i feel it has been working to a certain extent. It teamed with my St. Ives apricot scrub ( which i use every other day) has helped clear up my skin. The only downside i feel being that without a good oil free moistur
  2. LuLu:)

    *smells nice *beads not too harsh *Exfoliates well *gets rid of pimples *Did not get rid of blackheads This is a great product to use every other day for exfoliation. It does remove pimples and light acne. The only downside being that it did not remove the blackhead which it claimed it would. Having said that, i do feel its a great product and i have been using it for a year and definitly consider it to be something that i would not change. I recommend it to anyone who has light t