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  1. Oooh just saw this, just want to say I had Infini done at the same clinic, but not by Dr Harryono, by one of his senior therapists. I found it eye wateringly painful, bled severely and looked like something out of a horror film for days after lol. Seemed I had a more extreme reaction than most... Unfortunately saw no results despite being told I'd only need 2 treatments, I'm likely just a poor healer. Please keep us updated! I'm on Accutane right now but will be seeking treatment
  2. It can take longer, I think I started to clear up around month 2-3 and everything was gone after 4-5 months, but I was on 50mg. You started on 20 and 30mg which seems to be quite low.
  3. I just stopped using it for a while until it completely went away, I didn't use it on my face and wouldn't recommend using it on the face as it is more sensitive than body skin Also, while H&S works... If I stop using it my body acne comes back within 2-3 weeks. UGH!!!
  4. Had acne for ~12 years. My face acne responds well to diet and an antibacterial face wash since Accutane (worked for 2 years then all came back), but my body acne has been impossible to clear up. I've tried cleaner eating (worked for face), Quinoderm antibacterial wash, benzoyl peroxide, TCA on my body, changing pillows multiple times a week... Didn't work. I saw people mention applying H&S to their body and just leaving it, thought I'd try it as it's cheap and unbelievably it's worked
  5. I've been reading about so many diets but I don't know which one seems best for acne AND potential autoimmune conditions such as underactive thyroid/adrenal... But it's SO much to take in and I don't know which condition I'm trying to treat! Thoughts? Anyone tried any of the above? I want to reverse this chronic fatigue, brain fog and get my memory and libido back...
  6. Update My skin is the same colour it was before the peel now... No redness Anyway, will post pics in a few weeks, but as of today *zero* improvement... of course it's only been a few days. @Quadboy ?
  7. Ok! Bit the bullet and used the last of my 30% TCA. Washed my face and then used acetone, waited 15 minutes and then did the peel. Waited a few minutes for the tingling to stop and did another layer on my cheeks. It stung a little, but not the hellfire I expected at all. It felt like a 15% peel. I did frost quite a bit and I'm pretty red today. Hopefully THIS one does something. I saw my face while I was on the bus and I don't know if the lighting is that different but my face still looks HO
  8. Yeah thanks I am Owndoc states 10-14 day wait between 1.0mm sessions, that's ok isn't it? I waited 16 days between needling, I'd usually have waited even longer but I wanted the temporary swelling for an event lol
  9. Thanks, I decided to do another derminator session as I needed minimal downtime this week. But I will do the peel really soon. I'll try and get glycolic, thanks! Anyone noticed it's really hard to get TCA now? Amazon and eBay used to sell it...
  10. I think it's time to do another TCA peel soon (will be my third 30% peel) and will use nail polish remover (ingredients: acetone, aqua) beforehand this time instead of just washing my face. I am scared about doing more than one layer, as it frosts on the first layer. How much frosting and burning am I going to expect? I'll put vaseline directly under eyes and nose and just go for it. Then I'll dilute it to approx. 15% and do around my eyes, maybe... 3 months since last peel, 2 months
  11. @NeoFight Thanks I cleaned the needle by wiping it out with acetone, rinsing it with water and letting it dry by a heater. Is that ok? I also am not sure about which product is best from OwnDoc. I used the copper peptide mask after my first one, now I need to buy something else. Shall I get more masks or the CP serum? Or something else?
  12. I finally used the derminator for the first time! The instructions were admittedly a bit confusing for me to fully take in in one go, especially the timer settings etc... a simple bullet list / order of steps would be useful, but I got it eventually. I just did it without the timer. I did one pass at 0.75mm then another at 1mm for the first attempt. Went red and bled a little. The noise it makes is intimidating but luckily felt nothing thanks to numbing cream! Hopefully this together with TC
  13. No just shocking swelling
  14. Thanks I asked about subcision and filler, a plastic surgeon and dermatologist both said they didn't think I'd benefit as my scars aren't tethered. Health issues: I'm being investigated further for hypothyroid / adrenal issues (plus I suspect mild gut problems as my absorption of folate and B12 is not great) my face just looks SO rough and holey All I have left is to start using my derminator or do another full strength 30% TCA but I can't see the light from that either
  15. I know it's not the full results or course of treatments, but it's been nearly 5 weeks since my first Infini and I can't see a hint of change to my disgusting face, in fact the atrophic scars on my cheek seem to be worse. I also noticed I now have 3 (not from Infini) mildly white/hypertrophic scars on my nose of all places. One was from harshly squeezing a blackhead 10 years ago, the others are recent, from normal zits just appearing. Laser, peels, Infini or silicone gel isn't doing a thing.