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  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to say I LOVE ACCUTANE, haven't been on here in years because accutane worked WONDERS for me, it really is a miracle drug. DONT WAIT ANY LONGER, just try it! and stick with it! my only regret is waiting so long and putting my skin through hell with dan's regimen (even though it half worked for a while, but my skin always looked so dry and angry!), i have scars, scarred pores and some pitted skin because I waited so long, so DONT WAIT! it is amazing, I barely do anything
  2. Hey Jamie! I doubt you remember me lol, I havent been on here in ages.. I started accutane in september 2011 after quitting the regimen and just got off of it about a month ago now Im soo glad it worked for u! as for me, i get the occasional pimple here and there but like you said, they are soo small and "normal" now that it barely bothers me the only thing that bothers me is the fear of the acne coming back when i do see a pimple - but i try to not think about that so i don't stress out lol.
  3. Hey Kasey! You can ask your derm to prescribe you a massage and it will be covered by your insurance I had my first one the other day and it was sooo niiceee. Feel better soon!
  4. Hey Again, I read every new post of yours and your courage and strength are very encouraging when I have low days.
  5. Did it make you break out or just didn't moisturize enough damnnn i was hoping to try that one lol! yeah i heard cerave works great but, although it says its non comedogenic, its not
  6. Hey Kasey! Just wondering, what kind of Aveeno moisturizer did you use? Was it the ultra-calming one?
  7. Thanks a lot for the encouragement! the mirror isn't a big issue for me anymore, I actually like sitting there and analyzing my skin now because i KNOW it's going to be improving soon =) yeah I read your log, you're a champ for doing this for the 3rd time, i can't imagine having to do it again... you're lucky to not have had any lasting side effects. i'm trying to keep my attitude positive but somedays it can be really hard, as i'm sure you know =(. ----------------------------------------------
  8. Hey! Just wanted to stop by and wish you good luck. I experienced insomnia the first 4 days, but honestly I think it's because I was so nervous/excited/had all these thoughts running through my head about accutane. Once that all wore off and the pill became a "part of my day", the insomnia was gone Good luck on your third course! Oh yeah quick question, did your acne change at all after your courses? What was your dosage and how long were you on it?
  9. Still breaking out daily... cysts last a long time... indents in skin way more noticeable... back/knee/hip pain increasing majorly... bloodwork results come in this week. hopefully my cholesterol levels are okay. overall been feeling like shit for 2 weeks.
  10. chilling with a bandaid on my face.. oo the joys of accutane. ripped a huge hole on my cheek :(

  11. Hey Elle! The oil should go away pretty soon. My face was so disgustingly oily for the first 2 weeks and then it started getting dry, and now I'm getting dry patches! (1 month in) So I say give it another week tops and your skin should be back to normal PS: I recommend ortho tri-cyclen lo for BCP! I just started 3 months ago and so far no issues. Just go with what your body tells ya, some BCPs are hell
  12. accutane slapping me in the face with its initial breakout. ughhh

    1. kittycatsaysmeow


      don't let it get you down buddy, i'm breaking out now since i upped my dose.. i was 90% clear a few days ago so now i have 1 1/2 - 2 months until my skin goes back to how it was. deffinatley have to stay on this dose for 4 months to make sure i stay clear.

    2. accushame!


      thanks! that sucks though.. what's your dosage been like since you started? and how long have you/do you plan on being on it? any side effects?

    3. kittycatsaysmeow


      40, 60, and now 80. but i take it twice a day so now i'm on 40mg twice a day for the final dose. so far i've been on it for 5 months or so? i've lost track. i'll probably go 4 more months on this last dose and be done with it. if you get any bacne expect that to go first, i haven't had a zit on my chest or back in months.

  13. Hi Mamato, I just wanted to share something with you. In december of last year I started accutane @ 30mg/day and everything was fine until the third day when I started noticing my hair thinning (seems crazy after 3 days right?) and I was losing a lotttt more hair than normal. I stopped treatment. The hair kept falling out for about 3 months but it all grew back - tiny baby hairs everywhere. Anyways, after lots of thinking and researching I am attributing the hair loss not to Accutane (because th