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  1. Ok, so I finally found manuka honey with 12+. I've been using it for about a week and a half, and I absoloutely love it. I like the way it feels on my skin and it makes it super soft. I also went to a whole foods store and bought organic, unrefined, fined sea salt (that's what it says on the package) I don't really know if it's working or not but it does make my skin soft after I rinse it. I do have a question though, when I mix the sea salt with the water, is it suppose to look a little murky
  2. Ok so I went to the grocery store to look for these ingredients. I saw the sea salt but it said it was iodized and that's the only one they have. Is it ok to use iodized sea salt for the face? The manuka honey was kinda hard to find. I don't think I'm allowed to order it online but I did find one at a store but it was only 6+ . I don't think it's high enough to be effective but I'll still keep looking. If I can't find one that's at least 15+ do you think it's alright if I just use 6+ ?
  3. Thank you so much, definitely going to try this out and I'll tell you how it works for me. Hopefully my skin doesnt get worst before it gets better because that's what usually happens to me when I try a new product. Oh, btw where can you buy manuka honey and was it expensive?
  4. Oh and one more ( sorry Im asking so many questions!) but do you think I should use a toner? Like I'm just so use to having a exfoliator, a toner and a moisturizer. Or you think it's not necessary at all?
  5. Ok thank you so much, this seriously helped! Question about your moisturizer: does your 100% jojoba oil come in a moisturizer or do you mix it with something... I'm just a little bit confused on how you use it as a moisturizer. My face is a combination. Its been oilier than usual because the I think the clinique dried my skin out pretty bad and because of that I think my skin produced more oil. So yeah, I was wondering if jojoba oil really worked to moisturize your face or if you have any ot
  6. I've been using 100% tea tree oil as a spot treatment for a couple of moths and I'm liking it so far. The results are pretty slow but they seem to dry up my pimples and they disappear in a couple of days, depending on how big they are. I'm still wondering whether of not they fade my acne scars...sometimes I think they are and other days I think I'm just imagining it so I think I have to wait more.
  7. Thanks for your advice! Yeah, I have thought of going natural except I just didn't know what kind of ingredients to use. So for your cleanser you just put sea salt in water? Can it be your regular salt or does sea salt work best? My sister has also tried the yogurt, oatmeal and honey mask. She's only tried it once and I haven't tried it myself but I was wondering if you know anything out that kind of mask? I think I'm seriously going to consider going natural because I'm so sick of using al
  8. Ok, so I'm qutting my current acne regimen right now and I'm stuck on what to use next. So a little background on my skin... I've had acne since Jr. High and I first started using Proactiv. Of course at first I started breaking out but eventually my skin was completely clear for about 3 years. Then just last year I felt that somehow my skin got immune to it 'cause I started breaking out more than usual. Anyways, I had a derma. appointment and the doctor recommended using Differin. So I did t
  9. mulliford: Thanks, I hope I find some answers too! And I know exactly what you mean. Before I started using differin, I spent so many hours researching it and reading other people's experiences. There are people who've had amazing results with differin but as well as people who said that it pretty much messed up their skins. To be honest, I kinda wished that I never started on it but there's no point in dwelling on that. I do still have some faith in differin though, I just think I need to find
  10. I have been using differin 0.3 gel for about 4 months (tomorrow will be the official mark) and I have so many questions about this product and I'm so confused so anybody who has advice would be greatly appreciated! My journey through differin has been hell, I'm not gonna lie. My self confidence is absolutely gone, I can't even look at myself anymore without wanting to break down in tears. But I do have to say that the progress has gotten somewhat better. My acne to begin with was never really
  11. Sorry for the lack of update, it's been over a month since I last posted... So it's been about 14 weeks since I started using Differin. But I did make some changes to my regime about a week ago. Instead of using Nivea Soft Moisturizer I am using Clinique Moisture Surge. I think it has helped but barley. I'm still getting acne. My chin is pissing me off. I'm getting small acne there and I never had to worry about my chin before and now it's stressing me out. I'm not even apply differin ther
  12. SummerM

    10 weeks. ):

    Oh my. I've reached 10 weeks and I'm definitely not happy with what I'm seeing. This shall be a brief update since thinking about my skin right now seriously makes me depressed. I honestly don't know if I'm seeing any results. I still have acne and new ones keep forming. The area around my mouth and chin is really frustrating. Like I said, I've been breaking out there and I haven't applied differin there at all. I have this bump on my chin and it's huge. Like you can't really see it but it
  13. SummerM

    2 months

    Sorry for the lack of update. I was busy and kinda lazy... Anyways, a couple of days ago was the 2 month mark of using differin. My breakout has slowed down, I only get like 2 big pimples whereas before I would wake up with 10 on my face. But at the same time I still have enough pimples to make me feel extremely self conscious. I'm getting black heads on my chins which is really annoying. I don't apply differin there, only cetaphil cleanser and I think that's the problem. Since I'm only a
  14. SummerM

    7 weeks

    So it's been 7 weeks and I'm still getting white heads and more pimples! Although those unexpected white heads that I posted last time are gone, new ones have come. Man, I seriously thought by then that I would see major improvements but not much. I'm still definitely breaking out...... When is it going to stop?! I'm feeling hopeless. I'm also dealing with scars...lots and lots of them which is not only hard to get rid off but makes me extremely insecure. I honestly don't know what I'm doin